Thierry Henry on New York CIty and France Losing at Euro 2012: Steve Nash Showdown – New York City Video

New York Red Bulls star Thierry Henry talks to KICKTV’s Temryss Lane about the Steve Nash Showdown in Chinatown 2012. Thierry weighs in on what it’s like to do events like this in a place like New York City. He also discusses his thoughts on Euro 2012. Subscribe: Kick TV: Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 Responses to “Thierry Henry on New York CIty and France Losing at Euro 2012: Steve Nash Showdown – New York City Video”

  1. leventdeboyki says:


  2. smokncandy1992 says:

    England needs Thierry henry, Arsenal needs him!!!!

  3. burago000 says:

    Your contradicting yourself. Yeah, they were ranked 4th…. IN 2006…. The MLS sucks and you know it. Yeah bye.

  4. YanksDontKnowFooty says:

    FIFA rankings mean absolutely f-ck all, so it that’s going to be the basis of your argument you’ve already lost considering the USA was ranked 4th going into the 2006 World Cup. Bye hater.

  5. burago000 says:

    Oh and Bosnia is ranked ahead of the US aswell

  6. burago000 says:

    Hungary is ranked ahead of the US in the world rankings. Both Bosnia and Lithuania dont have the financial support needed to buy player like the MLS does. And yet still the MLS is shit. Yeah you dont know how top respond because the odds are stacked against you. The MLS is shit face it. Its not personal agenda its the truth

  7. YanksDontKnowFooty says:

    That is seriously the most asinine comment I’ve ever read I don’t even know how to respond. How wrong can you be? Personal agenda clearly…

  8. burago000 says:

    If you ever watch a MLS game then you’ll see that im right. The defense is so unbelivably shit that they could be compared to the san marino leauge.

  9. YanksDontKnowFooty says:

    MLS is nowhere near as tough as any league in Europe? So the Bosnian, Hungarian, Lithuanian leagues are “tougher” than MLS? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  10. ExTRoumi says:

    Subscribed !

  11. burago000 says:

    The MLS is nowhere near as tough as any leauge in europe or south america. But i dont think you know what competetive means or then you missread my comment. I never said that the MLS was more competetive than the premier leauge. Yes the MLS is competetive. The players are being payed to play football. They are playing football at a proffesional level and are striving to win a cup. There is a certain element of high competition. Not anyone can play in the MLS

  12. DoctorMontalban says:

    Le Pimp

  13. sfears3563 says:

    how come I never see him play for france anymore?????

  14. talentscout77 says:

    KING Henry!!!


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