New York City Subway Stairs – New York City Video

There’s something very unique about my subway station. Follow me on Twitter: Follow my blog: Check out my film Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod http Copyright 2012 Dean Peterson
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24 Responses to “New York City Subway Stairs – New York City Video”

  1. Nuvee1 says:

    so amazing idea

  2. Shayd93 says:

    36st? What the hell I’m there everyday switching from D to R Train

  3. keenkennyny says:

    As the video says, this was only at one station and it was just one step that by just a fraction higher than the rest. Plus the MTA immediately fixed the problem once this video went viral.

  4. Fawrikawl says:

    I was holding my breath when the guy with the baby stepped up.

  5. frizzymonkey says:

    i was hoping for someone to take a complete spill

  6. Samkyung12 says:

    They should make better subways stairs in new York city

  7. Samkyung12 says:

    LOL people are having some troubles going up the stairs

  8. Affixton96 says:

    I just saw one of those containers the other day. That yellow box contains newspaper for only for gays and lesbians to read. Having those things sitting on the sidewalks is really stupid.

  9. Darkhotanddeadly says:

    Please make a longer video this is too good

  10. Maserati7200 says:

    This is 36th street and 4th Avenue in Brooklyn!

  11. YOYOCHIC15 says:

    What kind of world are we living in when we can’t even trust the stairs. (shaking my head)

  12. Sonorense815 says:

    hahaha anybody else notice the initials “DNR” at 0:58 ?? short fot: Do Not Resucitate

  13. jj313 says:

    It’s been repaired.

  14. LTJ889 says:

    Why is this so hilarious?!

  15. vaarakas says:

    2cm* and more.

  16. bouncyballblue says:

    look at them all, running from their shame

  17. kanister987 says:

    don’t think that this is a rebalancing mechanism when people start running up the stairs. I think they just feel dumb and want to get away as fast as possible.

  18. eXPerience94 says:

    I think it will not be exaggerated if I say: One of the best trollings ever.

  19. djsinya says:


  20. taken2442 says:

    everyone ran a few steps up after they tripped…

    is it a re-balancing mechanism?!

  21. MrMustBNice says:

    Damned Adjustment Bureau…

  22. cepheussky3 says:

    hehehe:) i didn’t know that was true…?

  23. PintoconLacras says:

    buaaaah! love this video!

  24. Phahbyo says:

    This is amazing.


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