Cuomo: “For $60 Million, The Bills Better Win This Year”

Could it be smooth sailing for the state’s 2013-14 budget? Senate Majority Coalition Leaders Dean Skelos and Jeff Klein told reporters after Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s hour-long budget presentation that they didn’t see any stumbling blocks or issues that surprised them.

Klein said he would “take a good hard look” at several areas in the budget proposal and welcomed the inclusion of a minimum wage increase, arguing it would create thousands of new jobs.

Perhaps the more difficult challenge for Cuomo will be turning the Buffalo Bills around. He announced the state would extend $ 60 million to the floundering franchise, and that he expects their dysfunction on both sides of the ball to end – quickly. “The Buffalo Bills are staying in New York, that’s the good news,” said Cuomo. “All I can tell you is for $ 60 million, the Bills better win this year.”

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