Empire State Building Shooting 2012: Initial Video From The Scene in New York City – New York City Video

At least four people shot at the famous landmark in New York City.
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19 Responses to “Empire State Building Shooting 2012: Initial Video From The Scene in New York City – New York City Video”

  1. multiplybyzeroo says:

    Look who’s talking…China now controls your economy. Muslims live in the UK too but they are peaceful. You Americans have the second highest murder rate per capita in the world. Your country is already under attack by its own citizens. Want to talk about political correctness? lol looks who in your white house hahahaha.

  2. onenation underGOD says:

    If I were you I would be terrified of all the terreriost taking over your country.You can thank political correctness an social justice for that.You have fun living in a muslim filled shithole the UK

  3. BassFishingFrenzy says:

    It doesn’t matter bad people will get guns no matter how strict the laws are. I love the shooting sports and everyone I know who is a firearm enthusiast are some of the best good-hearted people around, the media makes all us shooters look like some crazed gunman that’s in league with the devil! If only people got to know us shooters they would have a different perspective.

  4. BassFishingFrenzy says:

    I think you need to get to know some law abiding shooters before you make some stereotype comments like this.

  5. BassFishingFrenzy says:

    Yes, but to some extent.

  6. acissejbutt says:

    Aren’t cops trained not to shoot at criminals in crowded areas?

  7. ursa41 says:

    Go fuck yourself, redneck bitch!!! Yanqui pendejo!

  8. TheMeteoriteHunter says:

    @multiplybyzeroo You make a good point. We need to wake up over before it’s to late. It may already to late anyway.

  9. multiplybyzeroo says:

    Americans hate everything that walks, crawls or moves. Hell mates, even if it can’t move Americans hate it anyway just for the sake of hating it. We here in the UK are terrified of Americans. I am blessed to have been born in a country where peace is the norm. God save the Queen of England and screw the filthy USA!

  10. multiplybyzeroo says:

    Ever see how an American football player is dressed? They dress for the game like pussies. All that protecting armor on. Real men play Rugby here in the UK and they don’t wear armor plating like the pussy yanks. One more point to make, Americans bruise real easy, that’s the reason why they wear body armor while playing the sport of pussies …Football.

  11. carpati1 says:

    Shouldn’t you do the same?

  12. multiplybyzeroo says:

    LMAO, that’s never going to happen. Your nuke missiles are obsolete and the guidance systems that control them are made in China. You would be better off throwing your iPhone’s at the enemy when he’s at the front gate.

  13. carpati1 says:

    I guess at this point collateral damage is not a concern
    for the cops anymore! Nine innocent bystanders shot by
    NYPD in the process of stopping one man!
    What’s next: An air strike against a hijacked school bus?
    The drones are already up!
    Public safety? Just a dream!
    Welcome to the “Gun free zone” of Michael Bloomberg!

  14. creEXPs13 says:

    Haha look at everyone trying to get the “top comment” by acting like they know what’s best for everybody by speaking their own opinions. The world has a large variety of people, decent, shitty, and ofcourse sick twisted fucks like this.

  15. eirerob82 says:

    were better off without guns

  16. eirerob82 says:

    66 BILLION dollars 75% of OF the world arms came from america no wonder things are the way they are,,57 guns per person am i the only one that thinks they have lost the american dream.?

  17. zegill30 says:

    Are you saying the 18th was annuled, voided, useless? YouTube is a social media website. Anyone who wants can use it. But some people will always believe in the superiority of their brains, which means they will think they are the brightest in millions of people who use this website.

  18. boscoruby says:

    The “hero” cop first responders sent nine people to the hospital with stray bullets. Good thing the good people of NYC aren’t a bunch of vigilante NRA wackos or the “friendly fire” casualties would have been ten times as many as the cops and the cowboys shot it out with each other trying to figure out who the bad guy was.

  19. XxShpoopiesxX says:

    He actually tried to kill one person who fired him from his job awhile back, the police ended up shooting 8-9 people


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