The Ghostbusters Tour of New York – New York City Video

The Ghostbusters Tour of New York

This was all shot on Tuesday, May 1, between 10:30 am and 5 pm. Aside from being one of the most perfect movies ever made, GHOSTBUSTERS is one of the great New York films. Here’s a handy guide to visiting every shooting location (in chronological order) in a single day, complete with reenactments of the scenes. A huge thanks to JT Maple for the amazing music. Follow him on Twitter. @jtmaple Watch JT’s full performance of the Ghostbusters theme: Camera operators: Max Rouzier, Andrew James Poole, Jacob Torpey After a break due to us moving to NYC, we’re back at Bleeding Cool. Check us out there on a regular basis. ————————————————– Facebook Twitter Blog Website

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  1. You should totally made a tour of this, call some of the places like the GhostBuster HQ and ask if u can go with a bunch of people and do a tour inside the place…

    btw hate u for inventing this after i visited NY… 😛

  2. BTW, I will be in NY to visit you guys just as soon as I take care of these silly drug charges. APPARENTLY marijuana is still illegal in the US… on second thought, you guys come here.

  3. Check again. The statue shot is in there. We did shoot something at the church (and shouted “No one steps on a church in my town!”) but decided to cut it for time, since it wasn’t a primary location.

  4. The Interior shots of the New York Public Library were also shot in LA. They filmed the opening scene at the Los Angeles Public Library. The only reason I know that is I saw a “Making Of” years ago and Dan Akroyd was talking about it.


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