The Ghostbusters Tour of New York – New York City Video

The Ghostbusters Tour of New York

This was all shot on Tuesday, May 1, between 10:30 am and 5 pm. Aside from being one of the most perfect movies ever made, GHOSTBUSTERS is one of the great New York films. Here’s a handy guide to visiting every shooting location (in chronological order) in a single day, complete with reenactments of the scenes. A huge thanks to JT Maple for the amazing music. Follow him on Twitter. @jtmaple Watch JT’s full performance of the Ghostbusters theme: Camera operators: Max Rouzier, Andrew James Poole, Jacob Torpey After a break due to us moving to NYC, we’re back at Bleeding Cool. Check us out there on a regular basis. ————————————————– Facebook Twitter Blog Website

24 Responses to “The Ghostbusters Tour of New York – New York City Video”

  1. hardworker424 says:

    That was pretty cool. If I ever get a chance I’m going to check out the Ghostbusters HQ.

  2. esadler74 says:

    The building used as Dana’s apartment is in Philadelphia

  3. JPRUT1 says:

    This is awesome! Next trip to NY: Planned. ;)

  4. patrickhwillems says:


  5. FitoEleven says:

    You should totally made a tour of this, call some of the places like the GhostBuster HQ and ask if u can go with a bunch of people and do a tour inside the place…

    btw hate u for inventing this after i visited NY… :P

  6. TovarichZauberei says:

    Fantasctic, U R very lucky to be there :(

  7. carriesagel says:

    Very cute guys! We run film tours in Atlanta and this is super clever!

  8. komodiT1 says:

    yep, the wall paint gave it away. Exact same table.

  9. patrickhwillems says:

    At Ollie’s across from Columbia?!

  10. coolisimox says:

    Great Memories.. Awesome Video!! Thanks 4do this (:

  11. ParatexL says:

    Yeah Ghostbusters 4ever this is a great video for all Gb fans to visit the originally movie locations.

  12. komodiT1 says:

    I sat at that exact spot in the chinese restaurant!!

  13. darche8 says:

    awesome i gotta do this one day

  14. baphomet2013 says:


  15. patrickhwillems says:

    One of the best music videos ever.

  16. patrickhwillems says:

    Damn drug charges! Get them dropped!

  17. patrickhwillems says:

    Actually, the hotel was all shot in LA. We couldn’t visit it because it’s not in NYC!

  18. OffbeatWorlds says:

    This was awesome guys, but you missed one very important location: the hotel in which they first meet the Slimer!

  19. baphomet2013 says:

    BTW, I will be in NY to visit you guys just as soon as I take care of these silly drug charges. APPARENTLY marijuana is still illegal in the US… on second thought, you guys come here.

  20. baphomet2013 says:

    You guys are fantastic. Now, who else remembers the Ghost Busters music video?

  21. hitman036 says:

    I had the pleasure of visiting NYC last fall and has the exact same reaction as they do at 3:25. Highlight of my trip.

  22. patrickhwillems says:

    Check again. The statue shot is in there. We did shoot something at the church (and shouted “No one steps on a church in my town!”) but decided to cut it for time, since it wasn’t a primary location.

  23. patrickhwillems says:

    Yup, that’s why we skipped the inside. Same with the hotel.

  24. errantthoughts says:

    The Interior shots of the New York Public Library were also shot in LA. They filmed the opening scene at the Los Angeles Public Library. The only reason I know that is I saw a “Making Of” years ago and Dan Akroyd was talking about it.


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