Thursday Links: Dickface Rules!

  • Paddy tweeted this last night, but here is the most dicktastic font. Ever. [Dickface, via @Artfcity]
  • Another dicktastic font, possibly more dicktastic than the last because it’s in 3D (and used at the AFCRPAAaA* last year)! [Cocksure, via Rollin Leonard]
  • Things we learned today: Click through images of art critic Jerry Saltz on Facebook. Yesterday we saw a torso shot of him in front of a Sol LeWitt wall work. Today, we were forwarded the full image (thanks Marina Galperina). He’s got some fancy shoes! [Facebook]
  • The Beatles made a variety show! Video here. [Beatles Bible]
  • Do not cross the path of secondary market dealer Helly Nahmad; he might send some ultimate fighters out to rough you up. [Gallerist NY]
  • One more reason to go to Philly: Roberta Smith extols the virtues of “Great and Mighty Things” at The Philadelphia Museum of Art. [NYTimes]

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