Kids React to Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City – New York City Video

Celebrity Prank NYC Bonus: Thanks for the LIKE & FAV SUBSCRIBE! New REACT episodes every Sunday: Watchall “KIDS REACT” episodes here: Watch All React Episodes: Watch our new show MyMusic! Leave video ideas in the comments or at our Facebook below of what you want us to show the kids next! Created and Directed by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers) MAIN CHANNEL: SECOND CHANNEL: FACEBOOK: GOOGLE+: T-SHIRTS: IPHONE APP PINTEREST- WEEKLY PODCAST: SEND US STUFF: TheFineBros PO BOX 4324 Valley Village, CA 91617-4324 —————————– VIDEO FEATURES IN THIS EPISODE: “Fake Celebrity Pranks NYC ” —————————————————————- This episode featured the following amazing kids! NOTE: Kids that are technically ‘teens’ will remain on ‘Kids React’ until they enter high school. Morgan, age 7 Elle, age 10 Lydon, age 10 Marlhy, age 10 Dylan, age 11 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY Darius, age 12 Paris, age 12 Sydney, age 12 Bryson, age 13 Everhet, age 13, – HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mikaela, age 13 Seth, age 13 —————— If you see this, type “KIDS REACT FTW!” in the comments – and please LIKE/FAV! Music by Joseph Carrillo Additional music: ————————————- KIDS REACT #62 Fake

21 Responses to “Kids React to Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City – New York City Video”

  1. splardybutt23 says:

    The song in the background from about 1:00 is from GTA:San Andreas.

  2. cwoodsdean says:

    thumbs this up for that little girl i love her :) xx <3

  3. Liz Claire says:


  4. corneliuschew says:

    show them obama singing

  5. VanessaLiu88 says:


  6. missbelka99 says:

    Kids react to FTW!

  7. huanghuang96 says:

    Love the girl in the nerd spectacles :)

  8. jan3211200 says:

    omg hahahahahahaha

  9. Szx19 says:

    Isn’t that how the Kardashians & Justin Bieber got famous?

  10. Cinderovo says:

    Hes going to get famous from making a video of him faking he was famous. Inception much?

  11. love4evayoung12 says:

    Soo funny lol

  12. CimFanMadDog says:

    Kids react ftw fir da truth!

  13. ilovefantageify says:

    Kids react to FTW

  14. xiiiMPeRFeCT says:

    The only things worse than a fake celeb, are real celebs and the people who pretend to be fans. Oh how well society has developed.

  15. Tyler9kingery9 says:

    That’s my birthday

  16. PokemonMasterAlpha says:

    2:33 dude… wtf!!! lol

  17. HogwartzSchool says:


  18. noahguerrier says:

    People are dumb

  19. Khaatim Gatlin says:


  20. John Truu says:

    Morgan is back! YES!

  21. Ashley Maxwell says:



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