Welcome to New York City, city guide (original DVD 60min.) – New York City Video

City guide of New York narrated in English. www.creativesystemservices.net

18 Responses to “Welcome to New York City, city guide (original DVD 60min.) – New York City Video”

  1. zainawesomeasalways says:

    i love the fifth avenue street

  2. zainawesomeasalways says:

    the city of dreamsssss……… <3

  3. Sina87 says:

    Stockholm city (Sweden) by Night
    w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m /watch?v=W9RgSY3RNPM

  4. BYMYSYD says:

    And I always wanted to go to Tokyo.

  5. DAWGLUNA says:

    Went recently in March for spring break. Such an amazing experience!

  6. TheMultiGunMan says:


    Coolest City in the World!

  7. SiberianHuskyKid says:


    Wow. Thats probably one of the nicest things that someone said to America from a different country :)

    Some people don’t like us cause we are the most obese country :/

  8. jake thomas says:

    GTA 4

  9. hotfish2009 says:

    The music! OH, THE MUSIC! TERRIBLE! (Royalty free?). Better with none, or some more appropriate library music. Liddle Idaly….

  10. VIPrtn says:

    When JESUS CHRIST comes in HIS glory, and all the angels with Him, HE will sit on His glorious throne. TURN TO JESUS CHRIST !

  11. TheTalkingMushroom says:

    If you like a building falling on youre face! Go to SF ! SF Forever ! <3

  12. Mike Green says:

    I believe it was an inside job. Because the planes had to fly inside the towers for them to collapse.

  13. seka1986 says:

    I’d like to go to Tokyo!!!!

  14. seka1986 says:

    Only an anus like you who can’t spell “believe” would BELIEVE it’s an inside job. LOL

  15. eduardvictor says:

    No, fuck morons like you who insult all the people that died that day and their families when you spout out such retarded conspiracy theorist bullshit.

  16. ThePatriciaPax says:

    someone take me there, omg

  17. sniperzz070 says:

    Guys In from Egypt -but i live in Holland , im 14 years old , and i would like to live there in NYC , its so awesome ! i would like to work there ad studie there its my big dream to go and live i the Usa !!

  18. pledge198022 says:

    I respecting→I’m respecting


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