Zombie Experiment NYC – New York City Video

Zombie Experiment NYC

putzombiesback.com Could zombies live among us? We transformed a few New Yorkers to find out.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Zombie Experiment NYC – New York City Video”

  1. majid100010 says:

    مافي سعودين

  2. TheMrScandalous says:


  3. cCcVatanncCc says:

    der kalte Norden, viel Spass !!

  4. angelicarockzz says:

    that dog was like FUCK OUT DA WHEYYYYY

  5. ssannaaldebert says:

    i would freak out if i saw them!

  6. goobershead says:

    wow, brave people! they come my way looking like that im gonna kill a zombie the only way i know how…destroy the brain

  7. TheNear004 says:

    oh my god . . .like this . . .

  8. rahkshifan99 says:


  9. kardrew47 says:

    Lol this was funny..but in the other hand if i was walking on the street n saw that..my reaction would be stab or shoot it in the head..lucky i wasn’t around lol

  10. jonathanderrick94 says:


  11. stealthxasx says:

    how did i get to here from seananners

  12. 12speed4ever1 says:

    1:30 the stupid zombie baught cable but had no tv 😛

  13. C1FreeSpirit says:

    LMAO!! It’s nice to get your mind of serious things.

  14. jojo jenkins says:

    Most of these people look like law abiding citizens however. I was referring to the fact that they look like they’re in a decent area.

  15. nicktunes78 says:

    This is amazing!!! Sign me up for the next one!!!

  16. BoxOMarkers says:

    Check out our web series!

    We will deliver a variety of self-contained stories written and directed by members of the BOM staff all under the umbrella of its respective genre, (Season#1 Zombies).

  17. BoxOMarkers says:

    Check out our genre variety web series.
    Search for: boxomarkers.

  18. THEKINGZ263 says:

    random comment 

  19. ultimatenick37 says:

    I never said that it wasn’t in New York. And I wasn’t upset.

  20. SynchroSap says:

    This took place in New York City. Also, getting upset over a comment that wasn’t made to upset you is pretty stupid.

  21. ultimatenick37 says:

    Because we all know in England, the place where they tell people from different countries “I’ll smash your head open.” in public, everyone will help. It’s not only in America, dipshit. It’s a world wide thing.


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