Wednesday Links: Shopping Cures All Woes


  • Katy Perry just broke up with fellow celebrity John Mayer. How’s she planning on coping? By becoming an art collector. Of course. [Jezebel]
  • In case you’ve been living under a rock from the 1950s, one way feminists have been battling the gender gap in the arts is by “counting.” [The Week Magazine]
  • The Love and Radio podcast has a bonkers, but brilliant interview with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge who recounts falling in love with Lady Jaye at a slave auction. [Love and Radio]
  • Contrary to popular opinion, New York is the least profitable place to be a landlord. [Curbed NY]
  • “…The idea of contamination was a governing principle,” says MoMA Associate Director Kathy Halbreich of Sigmar Polke. She believes Polke willfully suppressed his market by eschewing his signature style. All this, will be on view as part of the MoMA exhibition “Alibis: Sigmar Polke 1963–2010.” starting April 19th. [Artnews]
  • In Bushwick, you can buy a hug for five dollars. [Craigslist]
  • We use UPS to ship a few things from our office each month, but that’s going to stop. The company dismissed 250 employees after they protested the dismissal of a long-time employee. [The Daily News via: @luxlotus]
  • New York State is offering a 25 percent tax rebate—up to 4 million dollars—to “theatrical investors” who commission touring theatrical productions. Should be interesting to see if this tax loophole could work for touring art exhibitions sometime down the line. [Wall Street Journal]
  • House sold with art work in it. More interestingly, the house comes with a golden couch. [Curbed via The Art Market Monitor]
  • Activist investor Daniel Loeb has had his suit against Sotheby’s auction house fast tracked. He claims the cap on the number company shares he can buy hampers his ability to win a pending board fight; Loeb wants to see the company’s CEO, Bill Ruprecht, ousted [The Wall Street Journal]

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