This Stuff’s Made In New York City!!! Pace Thick & Chunky – New York City Video

Salsa commercial. Pace was originally a small family operation that quickly outgrew it’s humble beginnings. They had a plant off I35 and Coliseum Rd in San Antonio where they crunched up so many onions and jalapenos 24/7 you couldn’t hardly drive by without your eyes watering. They were bought out by the huge company that makes Old El Paso taco fixings back in the late 90s.
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24 Responses to “This Stuff’s Made In New York City!!! Pace Thick & Chunky – New York City Video”

  1. NWhomegrown21 says:

    Funny ass commercial< I wonder how Obama&black people in NYC feel about it!!!

  2. NWhomegrown21 says:

    This stuffs made in New York City?! New York City?? GET A ROPE, ITS A N***ER!!! Hilarious They probably got a lawsuit up there ass 4 this, just seems racist, probably Y they took that 1 off the air….

  3. PUTOSMURFTV says:

    I remember smelling the same thing.Was it by Splash town?

  4. crocodylus73 says:

    Remember these like it was yesterday! My brother and I loved them. They quit playing them when 9/11 happened I guess out of sympathy.

  5. alesandrabiasello says:

    Is PACE salsa made in New York City or San Antonio?

  6. MrCucumberbob says:

    Unfortunately no.

  7. theANGRYjap says:

    NEW YORK CITY?!?!?!? Getta rope. Ah, the good ol days

  8. NigarT says:

    Jew York City??? (Am I first to say this????)

  9. AmericanNinja85 says:

    all the labels i believe are printed in Paris, TX also it probably sounds better when it says made in Texas but i know its made in Both Paris and Napoleon, OH

  10. freeopinion77 says:

    Thanks for responding.

  11. abcizdaman says:

    I had an uncle who worked for Campbell’s soup in Paris, TX. That was a main factory there. I don’t know about back in the 90s when these commercials came out, but in 2006 the Pace bottles said manufactured in Paris, TX right on the bottle.

  12. abcizdaman says:

    Hah hah!! I remember these commercials! Good stuff! lol… “Pick up the original. Pick up the Pace.”

  13. Arborverden says:

    That was painfully cheesy to watch.

  14. SimbasGuardWT says:

    These commercials are great.

  15. carzrawesomeful says:

    Salsa is stinkin’ delicious.

  16. AmericanNinja85 says:

    Im not sure if there is Pace Factory in San Antonio but i knew for a fact that Pace is also made in Napoleon, OH its owned by Campbell Soup Company where i worked and even tho i didnt work in that Department my mom works in the Department where Pace is made same Dept where Prego Sauce is made

  17. AmericanNinja85 says:

    actually Pace is owned by Campbell soup company its made at a factory in Napoleon, OH made in the same area as Prego Sauce 

  18. JasonEldur says:


  19. whitelighter27club says:

    “Get a rope” They are going to hang him?!

  20. Martiangrl86 says:

    I think it was a sketch on Robot Chicken. After they kill the guy, one of the shooters tastes the NYC chili and proclaims “Actually, it’s pretty good.” You can find it on the adult swim website.

  21. pernelldh says:

    I would love to see another classic commercial featured four men including Floyd.

    I like the part when one man asked his co-horts, “Don’t we think we’re being to hard on Floyd?” They looked at each other and replied in unison by saying “Nah!”. They drove their car with Floyd tied behind them. I think that did sometime drastic to him when after saying “New York City?!!” Hilarious.

  22. Seijitsu0 says:

    Which is worse, me still loving these commercials, or me being old enough to remember them? o.O

  23. TheFulgore15 says:

    So they plan on murdering cookie in cold blood for buying the wrong type of salsa? That is just sad :(

  24. odog65 says:

    oh the irony lmao. now it really is made in NYC or as the origionally written line says New Jersey.


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