New York City! Van Life Urban Stealth Camping in Manhattan – NYC Video

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Hey everyone! I’m Nate. I live the van life full time out of a Honda Element custom camper conversion. In this video I explore New York City and spend a night boon docking on the streets of Manhattan. Please like, subscribe, and feel free to ask any questions below!


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  1. Awesome Seeing Your Vidz Man!!

  2. Great content and nice job tackling your fears!

  3. Fair play driving in New York. I live in London and no way would l drive to central London or anywhere near it in the day. Beep Beep Beeeep and a few chosen words is what you if you hesitate.

  4. Did this 20 years ago when it wasn't so popular. My mantra at sack time was: "nobody knows, nobody cares, nobody knows, nobody cares…" over and over. It worked! ♡

  5. the area on FDR drive near Columbia is a great place to stealth camp.

  6. Not seeing the signs, so not sure, but I would bet the 'no parking on this side on Thursday', or 'no parking on the other side on Wednesday', etc – has more to do with garbage pickup schedules, rather than stopping people from leaving cars in one spot.

  7. I have zero, zilch, nada, none, zip, positively no interest in New York City except to visit Times Square Church. Then again, when I get my van, I'll be sticking to rural and small town America. Big cities hold no interest/curiosity for me whatsoever… especially New York City.

  8. Hey! Stop over in New Jersey!! Before you leave.

  9. Man you didn't ride the subway? That's a whole experience in itself and isn't too scary once you learn the basics. I was one of the Sienna people ha but regardless I'd definitely want something that I can stealth camp in major cities with. Nice job and you definitely avoided some major parking garage fees. Prices there can be high but the many $1 pizza slice places are the best deal around.

  10. I haven't been to NYC for a looong time; used to frequent for the shows etc.; so much culture; can be quite an exciting place to be. Now you've given me the bug to return for a visit; Springtime is best?.
    Westward ho! Enjoy a pleasant journey, Nate!

  11. sometimes you can park at a hospital sometimes you can find a cheap hotel just outside the areas just about all over the US there's free parking sometimes you can park in the police station and their parking lot no joke

  12. I sure like your adventurous nature. Thanks for taking us along.

  13. so how cold did it get at night, also looking at your view out the back window… wondering if you have a backup camera?

  14. Great video!

    Have a question do you still have the Dometic cf18 model cooler?
    I was gonna purchase one this weekend just wanted to know if any issues with it so far?

    Starting to buy the stuff to build out my element now..

  15. Ease of parking and navigating around town is what lead me to pick a Ford Transit Connect. I'm currently in the process of build a 2010 Transit Connect into a camper.

  16. I’m with former Nate on NYC being too crowded and not wanting to visit. New Nate is too adventurous for me! 😉

  17. You did a really good job editing this video

  18. School of Visual Arts is my old alma mater. Love NYC, but it is expensive to live there.

  19. I bought a 2018 Ford Transit Connect to have converted. 22 mpg running around town. Look into it!

  20. The element is soooo great. Keep it!


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