Amazon May Not Build HQ2 In New York City After All, Report Says | TIME – NYC Video Inc. is reconsidering its plan to build a corporate campus in New York after facing a wave of opposition, according to a report.
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Amazon May Not Build HQ2 In New York City After All, Report Says | TIME

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  1. The Senator is right and so is Ocasio-Cortez. Time to stop these corporations from using the people! Screw the corporations and power to the people finally! The Democrats understand proper socialism and this time it will work brilliantly. Tell Amazon to leave now and we will keep our money for free housing for poor people in Manhattan and NYC. Free subway improvements and free education for students and free health care as a right. Fight back people! We don't need this corporations they need us. Let he workers unit and let us free this country from the horrible poverty of corporations and workers and liberate us to the new Democratic party. Down with Trump and Republicans. Increase taxes to 90 percent for the rich who make over $100,000 per year and give it to those who don't work and help the poor NOW! Increase the salaries of professors who teach proper socialist economics – this is critical to get our country to become a socialist country.

  2. These are the heros. 0:39 you can see our latinos who know how proper socialism can work and help the poor. These are the great "almost" Americans who are going to help our country and stop corporations and introduce proper socialism. America is about to get much better thanks to them. Well done indeed!

  3. They should build it on a huge blimp and just drop the packages using a parachute or use drones. Where they place it would depend on the demand.

  4. People are lined up with excuses for how to get some of that Amazon money for free. Rule #1 for success should be: Never let it get out how successful you are. My first realization of this was when "they" turned against the beloved Oprah. Everyone talked about how they loved her. When she hit the Forbes list–wham! Same thing with this kid from Facebook–wham!

  5. What has Amazon done or failed to do tath has so many people so angry? I hear about the anger but not why? Those protesters are fighting against jobs for people like themslves.

  6. Liberals have and will continue to destroy the united states and New York.

  7. Amazon should build its "HQ" without taking 1 cent from the Government..I suspect that the deal was for Amazon and not for NYC….cause if Amazon was really interested…well…they didn't mind about the 3B$ and build the HQ anyways…

  8. I really hate New Yorkers sometimes

  9. If they wish to really waste lots of money build it in the city where the demoshits rule simple

  10. Good riddance, you dont have to be a genius to realize you dont need two headquarters withing 200 miles of each other…The New York headquarters in my opinion is to enter the New York Commercial Real estate market, free of cost, by the State and City paying for the building and giving them tax free incentives. All they have to do is rent out the property, and voila….
    Use the property as collateral to continue buying property, and all this for free, you cant blame Amazon for taking for suckers the Governor and Mayor of NYC…THINK TWO HEADQUARTERS WITHIN TWO HUNDRED MILES…Please grow up


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