Ramen I Love in New York City – NYC Video

I visited NYC and these are the ramen shops I dig. We all have different opinions, what are your favorite shops in New York?

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  1. Enjoy my video of NYC!
    Whenever you travel, please use iVideo for your mobile wifi:


  2. Ramen lab and Ivan Ramen are 2 for sure I'm guess'n 🙂

  3. I wonder if you go to Ippudo. Not amazing but good atmosphere and it is pretty famous.

  4. Definitely give Nakamura a try! It's one of the top one's I've tried in NY.

  5. いつも美味しそうな拉麺ラーメン🍜🍥動画を有り難う御座います🎵👍😆🐼ブライアンさん応援してます😀

  6. Did you get kicked out of Japan too?

  7. Sorry I missed your live Brian! I was out shopping. I loved your take on the ramen shops in NY. I've never been to NY but when I do go, I'll look back on this video to find the good ones! Thanks again! 👍 ❤

  8. Nakamura Ramen and TabeTomo are my recent favorite places for ramen. Always the best!

  9. Nice to see vid Bryan of your favs!!!! 👍

  10. Ippudo is pretty good. Mu Ramen is great also.


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