Letters to The Editor, Week of April 18, 2019

Sewing as Triangle link

To The Editor:

Re “Threads of connection to Triangle tragedy” (news article, April 11):

It was an inspiring weekend. Children also participated in sewing onto the ribbon.

It is appropriate that sewing, as a contribution by the public to the permanent memorial, has been incorporated into the final design. Sewing for a living is how the 146 who perished made their living at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.

Dianna Maeurer


Save Tribeca clock

To The Editor:

Re “Singing praises of Tin Pan Alley” (op-ed, by Corey Johnson and Sarah Carroll, April 11):

Preserve Tin Pan Alley. What of New York’s own “Big Ben” — the clock atop 346 Broadway? A Rolex watch with a Swatch interior does not a Rolex make. Preserving the exterior without its mechanical interior is not really preserving that wonderful clock.

Katherine O’Sullivan


History over hotels

To The Editor:


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