Thousands stranded on NYC island as storms shut down festival l GMA – NYC Video

The popular Governors Ball music festival in New York City was evacuated after severe weather sent attendees running for cover.

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  1. Love ABC NEWS alway on point.

  2. Why was everyone freaking out actin like it's crazy or somthin? you here all those girls screaming? why they screamin?

  3. Roses are red rain is blue why is it blue?

  4. Did they really have to act like that? That's FL everyday during rainy season.

  5. I never go to stuff like this for that exact reason.

  6. Did people really not look at the forecast beforehand ? Lol

  7. Nothing beats California weather

  8. I love Tucson. Everyone I also love ABC news. It’s the best news. Always sharing their videos with friends and family as long as it doesn’t involve politics.

  9. It's just rain. People really be doing the most.

  10. Look at all the weak sheep.

  11. Wow
    New Yorkers are such pussies
    Oh no its raining, we might not be able to get off the island
    Lets tear down gates and fences

  12. For everyone saying “it was just rain”, the winds were 50 MPH and the downpour was so bad nobody could see where they were going. There was over 10,000 people leaving the island through the same exit, literally in “herds” because everyone was touching each other (due to the lack of space). Half the people there didn’t have rain gear, and there was flooding during the evacuation. My waterproof steel toed boots got dented, soaked, and filled inside and outside with mud. The thunder and lightning was less than a mile from the island and all you could hear was it getting closer and closer during the evacuation and when people made it onto the street the first places that filled were the subways, leading to huge lines that went up the long staircase entrances. Yeah it was just rain, but it was a really bad experience. There was no security directing people toward an exit, cops stood around doing nothing in the middle of a CITY MANDATED evacuation, people were borderline rioting, throwing shit at the stage, climbing up and being tackled by security left and right, breaking different sets, pushing down arches, etc. There were different things all over the ground so people were walking for half an hour or more between different pieces of metal all over the ground (which was probably the most immediate danger due to lightning). It was chaos because of poor evacuation procedures. It took me over 2 hours to get to the train from what should’ve been 30-35 minutes and on top of that another 3 hours to get home. I’d imagine this inconvenience was even larger for people who were farther from the festival, but the storm turned a 1 hour trip home into a 5 hour trip covered in mud and soaking wet for all 5 hours. It could’ve been worse, yes, but it wasn’t a good experience by any means.


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