Women's World Cup soccer champions celebrate fourth title in New York City | CBS Sports HQ – NYC Video

The United States women’s national team will be honored in New York City on Wednesday in a ticker-tape parade following the team’s victory in the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France. The U.S. beat the Netherlands 2-0 in the final on Sunday in Lyon, with Megan Rapinoe stealing the show once again with another winning goal and Roe Lavelle putting the match away for good with a second goal. The victory saw the U.S. go back-to-back and win its fourth overall title, two more than the next closest team, Germany.
The parade on Wednesday is set to begin at 9:30 a.m. ET, and it’s expected to surpass the parade after the 2015 World Cup victory. A ceremony at City Hall in NYC is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. ET. You can watch the parade live below and stay locked to CBS Sports HQ for live look-ins throughout the day.


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  1. Didn't watch.clicked on to vote this down.
    Megan Rapinoe can go efff herself.

  2. Yet this same team couldn't beat an UNDER 15 year old all boys soccer team… go equality!

  3. Classless act by rapinoe saying mother fucker in front of a crowd of children

  4. This is adorable, now let's try and dominate some real Sports.

  5. Did they kneel and burn the flag at the end?

  6. Most women around the globe don't play soccer, because it's not lady like. So this is really about as big of deal as men winning a synchronized swimming contest.

  7. I saw that one homely looking winger forgot her name completely fall over the ball in the semifinal and turned the tv off. Absolutely embarrassing quality lol. On par with high school boys. Other countries are as good as 13 year old boys. Quite humorous.. women do well in figure skating and gymnastics but keep the real team competition to men.

  8. U.S.A. Women National Soccer team has made it and confirmed it they have the Supremacy Female Soccer Worldwide in France 2019 World Cup. They are 4 times and two times straight in the road. They've shaped the best Line of Strikers from Midfielders through strikers….This is a long term job from decades ago.

  9. We need to do something about with these people that dishonor our flag and flag and our nation
    I understand the gay community don’t care about our country anymore because they are discriminated because of her gender ( male or female)! I see a lot women and male in this world and to help our country to grow healthy, we need to create a new gender and it’s gay gender (male or female)
    Gay women who act like men are more strong than a normal women and they should not be mixed in a competition for the women World Cup because it’s a women World Cup!!!!!!!
    It should be a soccer confederation for gay women only and competing in the World Cup , because right now we Se Rapinoe protesting against our nation and telling the whole world that our nation is racist and leftist socialist and don’t care for humanity and l am very disappointed that people in our nation don’t see that
    Let Rapinoe create her own team of gays players and win the World Cup like normal men and women of this great nation

  10. Now it's back to your job at Starbucks

  11. Americans honor them with a parade, and are thanked by entitled little bitchy children stomping on the flag representing those Americans honoring them. Congratulations.


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