One-On-One Computer Help


Need help with understanding the basics of using a computer? Or maybe it’s just been a while and you’re looking to brush up on your computer skills.
You can sign-up for our one-one-one computer help classes which will be held Wednesdays at 11am at the Pacific library. Please sign-up at the reference desk and leave your name and contact information.
Please Note:
Sessions will be held in-person at the Pacific branch.
Capacity is limited to two individuals per session. 
Individuals should register prior to the session they wish to attend in order to ensure a spot. There is no guarantee that you will have a spot available unless you sign-up before the scheduled session.
Individuals who register must leave their contact information at the front desk.
Individuals who are unable to attend a session they have registered for should cancel prior to the session.
We reserve the right to cancel sessions. Registrants who sign-up in advance will be informed in the event a session needs to be cancelled.


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