Florida man accused of adjusting Gov. Ron DeSantis’ voter data

A Florida man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly hacking into the state’s voter database and altering the governor’s handle, a report stated.

Anthony Guevara, 20, was busted after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis realized his handle was switched whereas voting at his polling website on Monday, WBBH-TV reported.

DeSantis alerted authorities, who tracked Guevara down by way of the IP handle he used to finish the alleged handle change.

Guevara instructed investigators how he pulled off the stunt. The alleged-hacker stated he modified the governor’s handle to that of a outstanding YouTube character, the report stated.

He’s additionally accused of accessing — however not altering — the voter info of Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Sen. Rick Scott

Guevara was charged with accessing a pc with out authorization and illegally altering voting information.

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