Scientists discover proof that will hyperlink nails to Christ’s crucifixion

Fragments of nails that have been believed to have been used within the crucifixion of Jesus Christ have historical wooden and fragments of bone on them, in a brand new research launched final week.

The fragments first got here to mild after the 1990 excavation of a burial web site of Caiaphas, the excessive priest who organized a plot to kill Jesus, in line with the New Testomony.

The nails mysteriously went lacking however re-emerged after Israeli filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici mentioned he discovered the nails that have been used within the crucifixion in his 2011 documentary “Nails of the Cross.”

On the time, students slammed the suggestion, denying the nails Jacobovici had found have been the identical ones from Caiaphas’ tomb.

However final week a new study, headed by Aryeh Shimron, a retired Jerusalem-based geologist, concluded the nails have been the identical ones taken from the Caiaphas web site, and have been additionally used to crucify somebody.

“Throughout the rust and sediment connected to the nails, we additionally recognized and photographed plenty of microscopic fragments of bone,” he mentioned.”I imagine that the scientific proof that the nails have been used to crucify someone is certainly highly effective,” he mentioned.

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