The DOT Dot Does it Once more – Streetsblog New York Metropolis

Editorial cartoon of Bill Roundy by editorial cartoonist Bill Roundy.
Editorial cartoon of Invoice Roundy by editorial cartoonist Invoice Roundy.

You gotta love that cute ol’ DOT! Simply if you thought the Division of Transportation was all set to usher in a brand new period of repurposing parking areas for public use, that cute little DOT simply needed to go and ask for group board approval.

Yep, Neighborhood Board 1’s lamentable rejection final week of a stable DOT plan to create cargo bike parking round a Decrease Manhattan Complete Meals made nationwide treasure cartoonist Invoice Roundy’s job a lot simpler this week, handing the deft draftsman the proper visible metaphor: well-meaning bureaucrat presents a stable plan, however the bouncy li’l DOT dot simply has to hunt permission from actually the final particular person anybody ought to search permission: a “Mad Max”-themed automotive proprietor, who represents a tiny minority within the principally car-free neighborhood.

It’s the type of rapier thrust we’ve all come to anticipate from Roundy, whose cartoons are all archived here. Acquire ’em all!

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