Top Hemp Flower Companies In The US

As a result of this recent surge in states and nations joining in on the tendency of legalizing marijuana, the CBD market is absolutely flourishing. And with each one the new research being done — cannabidiol has rapidly shown a great deal of promise.

In fact, it is not an overstatement to say that CBD is a rising star when it comes to managing pain, relieving anxiety, and helping individuals manage and overcome a variety of different illnesses and disabilities.

And while extracts, tinctures, and topical CBD goods are all of the rage — CBD-rich hemp flower still reigns supreme in regards to bioavailability. This is the reason why a lot of men and women are on the hunt, looking for the best brands selling premium CBD hemp flower online.

However, with dozens of new businesses entering the market monthly and countless new products constantly popping up, picking the best of the best can quickly turn into an overwhelming quest. This is exactly why we have decided to collect an ultimate guide to the very best CBD berry buds you can buy online!

Continue reading to learn about our standards, have a look at our best recommendations, and receive the answers to your most burning questions regarding hemp flower. We would like to thank cannabis copywriter George Mouratidis for his help in this article.

Let’s dive right in!

Top 3 CBD Hemp Flower Brands Online:

  1. Industrial Hemp Farms — Highest Quality & Best Value
  2. Cannaflower — Large Variety of Strains
  3. CBD American Shaman — Greatest Assortment of CBG Flower

Our Criteria For Choosing CBD Hemp Flower Buds

If it comes to sorting through hundreds of unique brands and also a whole slew of products to select out the very best hemp flower, there is a lot to check at.

That’s why we’ve chucked down our ratings to focus around a few key criteria:

Growing Approaches

Let’s face it pesticides and trace chemicals simply aren’t cool. If you are opting for a pure wellbeing product like CBD blossom, then you should definitely search to get a totally organically grown alternative. That is exactly why we’ve dug deep to find out how each brand develops their hemp and whether or not you ought to anticipate any trace substances from the bud or flower you are purchasing.

Brand Reputation

Even though the CBD industry is still growing explosively, just like Henry Ford stated –“You can not build a reputation on what you’re going to do.” After all, a brand’s standing and press speak volumes about their business and practices. This is why we’ve dug deep to learn how trustworthy and dependable each manufacturer is, right from the best source — their customers.

A lot of men and women want to know with utmost certainty what exactly they are getting inside their CBD bud. This is the reason why many leading brands are operating on a total-transparency policy. We have looked into every brand to learn whether or not they provide insightful third-party lab testing reports, show where they develop or supply their products from, and reveal additional important consumer-centric information.

Buying Experience

With CBD products quickly pushing themselves in the domain of mainstream consumer products, it is incredibly important to create the entire shopping experience entirely approachable for the average Jill and Joe. We have looked into every brand’s shopping experience, from their promotion to their online store and customer support.

Finally, for every brand which we proceed, we will offer you a last verdict around all of the variables and information that we’ve assembled for every candidate. With that being said, let’s jump right into our selections for the 5 Greatest Hemp Flower Brands Online.

Greatest CBD Hemp Flower Brands to Buy Online

1. Cheef Botanicals — Best Quality & Best Value

What happens when you combine hemp aficionados, 25 years of organic food industry expertise, and a leading vision of supplying a natural, entirely organic field of CBD products?

You receive Cheef Botanicals!

Throughout the past few decades, they’ve been accepting the cannabis industry by storm. And it’s all thanks for their distinctively amazing line of premium CBD products. Their whole lineup is completely gluten free and lactose-free while avoiding any synthetic additives, instead opting for an entirely organic approach. But one thing that actually makes them stand out is the simple fact that they have a 30-day money back program, in the event you don’t quite love what you bought.

Let us take a look at their top CBD flower strains.

If you like tropical flavors, this strain with a gentle citrus bynote should be right up your alley. Featuring a vibrant fruity yet earthy profile, this strain clocks in at 18 percent CBD, making it absolutely fantastic to the maintenance routine and enjoyable enough for a warm day get-together.


This sour and sweet strain takes traces of redwood and mixes them together with gentle zesty lemon notes. And like Hawaiian Haze, you might discover that this breed has an 18 percent CBD content, which makes it the perfect calm-me-down hemp blossom.

Sour Space Candy

If you would like an even more CBD-rich blossom, this breed clocks in at 20.66% CBD content. You’ll discover just 0.06percent THC content — making this strain the perfect CBD-dominant option. This Sour Tsunami and Historical Resin Berry cross will provide you a nice mood increase and allow you to concentrate.

If you want a fast-acting strain that provides an uplifting and energetic experience — the Sour Diesel is for you. This definitely one of the most popular strains of blossoms on the market. And with just 0.094% THC, you might discover that this strain boasts 20.165percent CBD along with a sour flavor profile.

Just like CBD, CBG is a promising rising star at the world of cannabis and organic medicine alike. It’s quite similar to CBD in lots of the benefits it provides and is also completely devoid of a top as a result of minimal THC content. And while it’s certainly not groundbreaking these days, it’s worth noting that Cheef Botanicals was actually one of the only companies to offer CBG-dominant strains until the last few months.

Growing Approaches — Cheef Botanicals functions with sustainable cultivators in Colorado and Oregon that focus on a GMO and pesticide-free Strategy.

Brand Reputation — As a newer brand, they have already managed to build up an superb reputation in the cannabis industry.

Transparency — You can find lab-testing reports on all of their products directly on the item page. Along with this, they also emphasize where they supply the hemp to get their goods and what they’re doing to preserve their criteria.

Shopping Expertise — Their site is quite straightforward and down to the earth, exactly like the brand itself. It’s simple to navigate, and checking out requires moments. And in the event you have questions, client service is always prepared to help.

Coupon Code — Use OB15 and get 15% Off your entire order.

Cheef Botanicals undoubtedly deserves the lightest place on our list for their unique conscious strategy to CBD products and hemp flowers. They’re doing a great deal to help the industry progress by providing premium quality products, at very affordable rates, at a down to earth manner. And we absolutely adore how they have a refund policy, which is unquestionably a very distinctive upside.

2. Cannaflower CBD — Enormous Assortment of Strains

If it comes to transparency and access to advice, Cannaflower CBD is in a league of their own. They are among the only hemp brands that give you a whole step-by-step breakdown of the growing and processing methods.

And when you couple this with a massive assortment of premium-quality hemp strains at economical rates, you’ve got quite the power-combo.

Growing Approaches — As a small farm in New England, they grow and process their own hemp in a sustainable and organic method. They focus on compliance and entirely organic growing practices.

Brand Reputation — Having been in the business for a number of years, Cannaflower CBD has proved themselves to be a fantastic selection for CBD bud as a result of their responsible business practices.

Transparency — They also offer a Certificate of Evaluation accomplished by a third-party lab with each product, along with an extensive excellent guarantee.

Shopping Experience — Their website is very minimal, making for a seamless and quick shopping experience.

Ultimately, Cannaflower CBD is a solid hemp brand. And going with their selection of hemp flower is a great alternative for anybody seeking to obtain a natural CBD blossom experience without breaking the bank. They also feature a cool”Shop By Effect” attribute, letting you locate what you need based on what you need.

CBD American Shaman — Best Range of CBG Flower

As another leading manufacturer in the all-natural CBD industry, CBD American Shaman focuses on super-concentrated terpene-rich hemp for their wide range of CBD solutions. Their choice of CBG breeds also stands out among the most potent and diverse.

And should you consider their extensive standing, proactive support team and a great deal of business involvement in an effort to push it forwards towards a much better location, CBD American Shaman must definitely be on your shopping radar.

Growing Methods — They focus on a sustainable micro-farming strategy to ensure a high level of quality control and also to help push the farming community forward.

Brand Reputation — CBD American Shaman is among the best-known brands on the market as a result of their rock-solid company practices and superior CBD offerings.

Transparency — They spend in Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography due to their batch-testing. The outcomes for each of their products are easily available for buyers right on their website.

Shopping Expertise — Truly easy checkout procedure. Their site and product selection are both boiled down to make your purchasing experience as straightforward as possible. And if you have any questions, their support is incredibly knowledgeable and happy to help constantly.

Our Verdict

They are a fantastic brand with both as excellent products, backed by completely transparent and responsible business practices. If you choose to present their CBD flower a go, you won’t regret it.

4. Secret Nature

If you’ve spent any time whatsoever shopping round for hemp flower, chances are, you would have heard about Secret Nature already. And it is not surprising, after all, they are one of the best-known brands because of their great high-quality blossoms and easy, down-to-earth company practices.

Exactly like Tweedle Farms, they grow and process their own hemp, which allows them to really hone in on the quality of their merchandise. But they actually focus on an environmentally-friendly all-green approach for their growing process. They do so in order to actually bring the hemp’s possible and maximize the benefits which you’d be receiving. Therefore, their CBD flower strains are potent, all-natural, and feature nearly no THC.

And they even have 12 different strains that you peruse. From popular strains like Space Candy and Secret Agent OG to unique breeds like Blood Diamond and Cobbler #5, you can expect to locate anywhere between 15.4% and 24.42percent CBD content. And they even offer oils, tinctures, vape pens, plus a whole slew of additional organic products made out of their leading hemp.

Growing Methods — Essential Nature opts for an environmentally-friendly, indoor approach to growing to be able to actually bring out the possibility of their terpene-infused hemp.

Brand Standing — Though they certainly offer you great products, they usually charge a hefty price in comparison to other top brands. That is definitely reflected in them marketing themselves an”Artisan CBD” brand and is something that their customers often point out.

They go to a good degree of detail for their processes to make certain that you’re always in the know about how your flowers are created and processed.

Shopping Experience — Their site is very easy to use and shop on, and the whole experience is arguably far more contemporary than many other leading brands.

In general, Secret Character is a great brand in regards to high quality, organic, CBD-rich hemp flower.

Have a look at Secret Nature flower on their website.

Tweedle Farms

If you like the idea of getting your buds right from the farm, Tweedle Farms might only be the brand for you. They function as a tiny CBD-centric hemp farm that concentrates on high-CBD strains. In reality, their hemp is used by many top vape cartridge brands and CBD oil producers. It is just that great!

One thing which makes them unique is they focus heavily on CBDa strains rather than just CBD. Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) is the raw and organic predecessor of the finalized type of CBD, allowing it to provide the exact same range of medicinal benefits, without having to bind into the human body’s CB2 receptors.

Let’s take a look at their top vendors:

Not all of us are super critical shoppers. And sometimes you’re just in the mood for something fresh. Well, Tweedle Farms has got you covered in that section with this wonderful offering. You’ll get four distinct CBDa-dominant strains from their freshest batch. So if you want a surprise or give a few of their breeds a shot at once, this one’s for you.

Special Sauce

Aptly named, this strain of hemp blossom is definitely unique. The flavor profile is a mixture of berries and hoppy bynotes. And it includes a strong 19.66% CBDa content alongside 0.02%CBD to top off things.

Growing MethodsTweedle farms generates all their blossoms on their own farm in Clatsop County, Oregon. They focus on a GMO and pesticide-free strategy.

Brand Reputation — Having existed since 2016, they’ve had ample time to develop an extensive reputation that speaks volumes about their farm-to-you strategy.

Transparency — You not only receive a total laboratory breakdown of the CBDa, CBD, and THC contents, but they even provide a full terpene profile evaluation alongside it.

Shopping Experience — Their site is comparatively easy to use. However, they really have a great deal of additional information published that you just can’t find through the menu. Aside from this, the buying process is simple, and customer support is the owners , so you are always going to get the answers you want.

In a exceptional twist from a number of other CBD and hemp merchandise makers, Tweedle Farms keeps it all from the confines of their farm. They understand what happens, and they ensure what goes out. Overall, they’re one of the best brands for any CBD products, such as CBD hemp flower in today’s day and age.

Unlike popular misconceptions, hemp flower and bud are actually quite different. Generally, bud is THC-rich. It must be said that tetrahydrocannabinol happens to be the psychoactive component in marijuana, which is exactly what gives users its famed high.

On the flip side, blossoms are generally CBD-rich, and the legal selection of hemp grass should clock in at no more than 0.3percent THC content. It’s worth noting that marijuana and hemp are not different plants at all. Actually, ever since the Farm Bill in 2018 — berry is a classification of non-intoxicating cannabis (meaning that it contains little to no THC).

However, unbeknownst to many people — hemp has existed for quite some time. It’s arguably the first crop that mankind has cultivated, and it’s still in use today to produce a variety of products across a plethora of industries. And thanks to the current surge of legalization and study, it’s now beating the world of medicine by storm too.

Are You Going to Get High From Pot CBD Flower?

In marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive cannabinoid that’s largely responsible because of its untoward effects. Because CBD blossom is nearly devoid of THC, the trace amount (normally under 0.3% content) that is left handed is nowhere near enough to get you drowsy, or otherwise make you impaired.

However, on a positive note, you need to expect to get a wonderful boost to your mood. And according to recent studies, CBD blossoms may even function as an wonderful natural cognitive enhancer.

This is all thanks to CBD’s natural attributes, which may help curtail anxiousness and help enhance sleep patterns. It’s important to notice, however, that this announcement hasn’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Can It Be Legal to Buy Hemp Flower Online?

Do not worry, purchasing CBD hemp flower online is perfectly valid and won’t land you in any sort of warm water. Its economy is unrestricted in all 50 states in the USA, and both buying hemp and owning it is allowed.

But you’ll need to watch out to be sure that what you are buying is really sourced from industrial hemp and not marijuana. To give you a quick refresher on the gap — industrial hemp only contains less than 0.3percent THC content.

Will CBD Bud Appear on a Drug Test?

With many modern workplaces, especially in the United States, requiring mandatory drug testing, a large number of people are worried about whether their usage of CBD blossom may appear on a drug test.

While hemp flower contains mostly CBD, which won’t appear on a drug test, the less than 0.3percent THC that it contains is still a cause for concern. Contemporary drug tests are specifically designed to detect THC. Therefore, drug evaluations that have a granular detection threshold will have the ability to detect the trace amounts of THC from hemp flowers.

So, in short, yes, there’s an opportunity that CBD hemp blossom will show up on a drug test. However, it mostly depends upon the type of test you’re taking.

What to Look For In A Premium CBD Flower

When it comes to picking out the best CBD hemp blossom, there are several things that actually separate the good from the less notable. Here are a Couple of things That You Ought to Search for in premium CBD flower:

The terpenes in a hemp plant have a substantial role to play when it comes to the general flavor and odor. Actually, it’s in fact one of the principal elements that divides and divides each of the various strains of CBD hemp blossom between one another.

However, unbeknownst to many people — the terpene profile also has a part to play in the therapeutic and medicinal advantages which you’d be able to get.

The Amount of CBD

If you are looking at CBD berry blossoms for pain relief or the prosperity of medicinal benefits that it provides for your overall wellbeing — the CBD content is definitely something you need to keep an eye out for.

Generally, the normal CBD bud contains anywhere between 10 and 15% CBD content. Nonetheless, in specialization CBD-rich breeds, this can easily go up to 20 percent and more.

Proper Processing Methods

When you are buying CBD hemp blossom as opposed to a infusion or a product made by means of extracted CBD, it’s important to spend the processing methods under consideration. Has it been seeded? Has it been trimmed and treated correctly?

Many leading brands are very forthcoming in their processing methods. However, the average consumer can simply rely on visual differentiation to separate premium products from low-grade options. Pay attention to the look, feel, and smell. If it has seeds, feels moist or moist, or smells odd, you should not use it.

Conclusion — Buying The Best CBD Flower On The Market

Figuring out the best from the rest is an arduous task, no matter what you’re looking for. However, in the event of CBD goods — having the ability to find and get the very best CBD blossom out there’s a significant challenge for most folks.

They offer you a huge variety of premium CBD-rich berry blossom breeds that supply the entourage effect that will help alleviate pain, ease anxiety, and send pressure packing. They also do extensive third-party laboratory testing on all their bud breeds, the results of which are easily accessible for buyers to check out. That means you can be sure that you’re getting a natural and completely organic product.

If you have made it up until this point in our manual, you finally have all the important info, tips, and also the know-how needed to pick out the best for yourself. With that, we wish you luck on your purchasing trip.

Now it’s our turn to hear from you. Do you have any top brands that you need to see us feature? Inform us your comments and suggestions.