Is Harlem Safe?

If you’re vising or moving to Harlem, you’ll want to know how safe it is and what to expect in the area. A community-oriented neighborhood rich in culture and history, there are plenty of reasons to live in Harlem. Here is more information on this New York City neighborhood to understand better how safe it …

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Is Greenwich Village Safe?

is greenwich village safe

Are you planning a visit or move to Greenwich Village, Manhattan? You probably have many questions about what to expect, including how safe it is. Find these answers and more.  Brief History of Greenwich Village Greenwich Village is a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan surrounded by other interesting New York areas and sights, including: Broadway on …

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Safety First: Is Bed-Stuy Safe?

is bed stuy safe

Should you move to Bed-Stuy? Let’s see what it is like to live there and is Bed Stuy safe. A Brief History of Bed-Stuy Bedford-Stuyvesant, locally known as Bed-Stuy, is a combination of what used to be the Stuyvesant Heights neighborhoods and the Village of Bedford. In the 17th century, Stuyvesant Heights was farmland and …

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Safety First: Is Bushwick Safe?

is bushwick safe

Is Bushwick Safe? Are you considering a move to Bushwick? It’s important to understand what it’s like to live there first. Here are answers to your questions on safety, education, attractions, and more. A History of Bushwick Bushwick is located in King’s County, Brooklyn, in the northernmost neighborhoods. It borders the borough of Queens and …

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