Safety First: Is Sunset Park Safe?

is sunset park safe

Nestled by the waterfront in the southwestern part of Brooklyn, Sunset Park is an up-and-coming neighborhood. If you plan to move or visit here, you’re probably wondering, is Sunset Park safe? Read …

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Safety First: Is Bed-Stuy Safe?

is bed stuy safe

Should you move to Bed-Stuy? Let’s see what it is like to live there and is Bed Stuy safe. A Brief History of Bed-Stuy Bedford-Stuyvesant, locally known as Bed-Stuy, is a combination …

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Best Bars In Brooklyn: A Bridge Not Too Far

Is Brooklyn the new Manhattan? No, that will never happen. It is definitely a very slightly cheaper place to go drinkin’. And slightly hipper. Brooklyn is probably the second most name-checked of …

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