Best Brooklyn Bridge Luggage Storage Service and Mini-Guide to the Area

You’ve got luggage, you’re near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, and you want to explore the area unencumbered. So, right now, the question atop your mind is: Where is the best luggage storage place near the Brooklyn Bridge?

What is the Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo Area?

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of nine overpasses that connects the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Dumbo is the neighborhood on the Brooklyn side, and while there isn’t a formal neighborhood on the Manhattan side, several attractions are nearby.

But today, we’re sticking to Dumbo — which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. As its name suggests, it’s a trendy Brooklyn neighborhood nestled between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. Upscale and idyllic, Dumbo is abuzz with art galleries, tech startups, beautiful people, pricey restaurants, and swanky residential digs. In a way, it’s the Silicon Valley of New York.

Why is Stasher the Best Luggage Storage Service near the Brooklyn Bridge and in Dumbo

There are dozens of luggage storage options in New York, but if you’re in Dumbo or around the Brooklyn Bridge area, Stasher is undoubtedly the way to go. 

Your other options are mainly located in subway and train stations, and they’re about as safe as Skid Row on a Saturday night. Plus, the DIY lockers often end up costing more than safer options, like Stasher — especially if you have larger bags. 

So what is this “Stasher” I keep mentioning?

Founded in Great Britain, Stasher is an international luggage storage service built on the AirBnB model. Instead of maintaining locker and storage facilities themselves, the company partnered with hundreds of hotels, stores, galleries, and reputable businesses with room to store packages and luggage. Instead of locking your stuff up, you drop it off with a concierge, shopkeeper, or receptionist. 

All locations keep the packages in non-public areas, and there’s usually a person tasked with minding the parcels.

Stasher Parcel Perks

Stasher’s luggage service in Dumbo has way more perks and features than other options.

Stasher Brooklyn Bridge Luggage Storage: App and Insurance Included

Stasher’s service automatically includes a $1,000-per-bag insurance policy. There’s also a handy app to quickly search for a drop-off location near your destination and book a reservation. It’s a snap.

Stasher Brooklyn Bridge Luggage Storage: Priced Right

So now you’re probably wondering: What’s the cost of Stasher’s luggage storage service near the Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo? Here’s the excellent answer: their prices start at a miraculously low $6 a day, no matter the parcel size. 

Stasher Brooklyn Bridge Luggage Storage: Old-Fashioned Customer Service

The clincher for me, though, is Stasher’s customer service. It’s impeccable. Perhaps it’s their polite British roots or the founders’ acute understanding of traveling stress; whichever the case, on the rare occasion when a small snafu has arisen, I was able to get a hold of a helpful human who resolved the issue and treated me like a V.I.P. 

TL;DR: Why Stasher is the Best Luggage Storage Near the Brooklyn Bridge

So let’s recap. Stasher’s Brooklyn Bridge luggage storage service is the best because:

  1. There are drop-off locations scattered throughout the neighborhood.
  2. It’s less expensive than other options but provides a better, safer, insured service.
  3. The company maintains an app that lets you find a nearby Stasher location and book reservations 24/7.
  4. If a small issue arises, their customer service team is on point and always solves the problem quickly!

Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo Mini Tour Guide

Now that we’ve covered the best luggage storage service near the Brooklyn Bridge, let’s take a look at what’s hopping and happening in Dumbo and the surrounding vicinity.

Upfront Straight Talk: Dumbo Isn’t Cheap

My grandmother is somewhere and about to clutch her pearls — because I can’t talk about Dumbo without bluntly talking about money. (How gauche!) But here’s the brass tacks: the Dumbo/Brooklyn Bridge area is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in New York. In other words, don’t expect to find a free meal in Dumbo. (Though you could pack a picnic elsewhere and eat it in an area park.) 

Things to Do in Dumbo

Look At Art and Live Performances

Dumbo is to the modern-art world as Oahu’s North Shore is to the surfing one. 

Posh galleries line pristine streets, and several non-profit and prestigious arts programs are headquartered nearby. If you’re interested in exploring a diaspora of woman-created works, head to A.I.R. Gallery, America’s first all-female, residential artistic collective. 

St. Ann’s Warehouse, the famous performing arts space that boasts Bowie and Lou Reed on its roster, is another Dumbo staple. There’s always some live performance — whether theatre, cinematic, or musical — going on. If you want to catch a show, find a schedule a few weeks ahead and reserve tickets. 

Fans of Bach, Beethoven, Bologne, and Brahms should skip St. Ann’s and instead get tickets for a performance on Bargemusic, a floating classical-music venue in the neighborhood.

Shop and Eat

You may need luggage storage in Dumbo because you’re weighed down with shopping bags!

The neighborhood is a boutique haven and home to brands like John Fluevog and West Elm. 

Also, leave room for treats from Jacques Torres’ chocolate shop or the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. In the mood for an actual adult meal? Try The River Cafe; the views alone are worth the price of admission. Be warned, though: it’s more than just a little bit romantic. For a more casual experience, head to Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar. If you’re only searching for a pint, Henry Street Ale House has a fun outdoor beer garden.

Free and Cheap Things to Do Near the Brooklyn Bridge

If you’re on a budget and find yourself near the Brooklyn Bridge or Dumbo, consider one of the following:

  1. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge: It’s free and a fantastic way to spend an hour and a half. The Brooklyn Bridge is also where you’ll get the best shots of Manhattan’s skyline. Remember to slather on the sunblock if you’re walking on a bright day. And beware: the wind can be fierce up there. 
  2. Hang Out at Brooklyn Bridge Park: A relatively new addition to the New York City landscape, the park now sits where an industrial ferry terminal once operated. The park is divided into “piers,” each with a unique vibe and set of activities. Sometimes, especially in the spring and summer, you can catch free performances.
  3. Shop the Brooklyn Flea: If you’re in town on a Sunday during the spring, summer, or fall, find your way to the arches under the Manhattan Bridge, where you’ll find a weekly outdoor market filled with funky handmade crafts that won’t make your wallet weep. Afterward, stroll through the nearby cobblestone-streets.

And there you have it: an answer to the best luggage storage service around the Brooklyn Bridge, plus a mini-guide to the Dumbo landscape. Enjoy exploring!