Safety First: Is Glendale Safe?

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There are a lot of Glendale’s in the U.S. Some might have a Glenn living there. Some might have a Dale living there. Some might have both a Glenn and a Dale amongst their ranks. Who knows? The internet, probably.  There are cities named Glendale in California, Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky…the list goes on and on. …

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Explore NYC: Things To Do In Lower Manhattan

Since 9/11, Lower Manhattan has experienced a resurgence and is a much more vibrant place where the young professionals who work there are living now, too. The neighborhoods still retain much of their original charm while supporting a new and diverse community that has brought a youthful energy to its classic downtown aura.  Things to …

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Safety First: Is Hamilton Heights Safe In 2024?

The name Hamilton Heights probably rings a bell. You might remember a famous US patriot from way back in Revolutionary War times named Alexander Hamilton. Surely you’ve heard of the famous Broadway musical ‘Hamilton’, based on the famous patriot’s life. Fun Fact! The movie and musical ‘In The Heights’ is not set in Hamilton Heights, …

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Exploring New York City in a Wheelchair: Is It Possible?

is nyc wheelchair friendly

If you’ve been dreaming of a trip to New York City but are concerned about accessibility due to using a wheelchair, rest assured that it’s entirely feasible. This guide will provide you with a wealth of useful advice to ensure you have an enjoyable journey, regardless of any physical disabilities. New York City has been …

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