Safety First: Is Bayside Safe?

Bayside, located in the borough of Queens, New York, is a residential neighborhood known for its diversity, great school district, and vibrant community life. Many people considering moving to or visiting the area often ask, “Is Bayside safe?” To provide an insightful answer, we must evaluate the neighborhood’s crime rates, police presence, community safety initiatives, and residents’ perceptions.

Crime Rates in Bayside

An excellent way to gauge the safety of a location is by studying its crime rates in comparison to the city average and national statistics. As of the last check in 2023, crime rates in Bayside, NY, were considerably lower than the national average, suggesting it is safer than many other areas in the United States. Violent crimes are particularly low, with residents having a significantly less chance of becoming a victim compared to other New York City neighborhoods.

The instances of property crimes, such as burglary and theft, are also lower in Bayside compared to both the city and national averages. This data underscores the safety of the area concerning crime rates. It’s important to remember that crime statistics can change, so regular checks of local crime reports will give you the most current picture.

Police Presence and Community Safety Initiatives

The New York Police Department’s (NYPD) 111th Precinct serves Bayside. The precinct’s effective policing methods, community initiatives, and engagement have played a significant role in ensuring the neighborhood remains safe.

There are several community safety initiatives in place that promote a safe environment. These include Neighborhood Watch Groups, where residents take an active role in monitoring their surroundings and report any suspicious activities. There are also outreach programs that aim to build trust and communication between the police and residents.

The 111th Precinct regularly conducts safety seminars, community meetings, and events that give residents opportunities to voice their concerns or get advice on personal safety and property protection. The precinct also works closely with schools to provide a safe environment for students and conducts programs designed to steer youth away from criminal activities.

Residents’ Perceptions

Perceptions of safety can be subjective, varying from person to person. Nevertheless, feedback from Bayside residents indicates a high level of satisfaction regarding safety. Many residents appreciate the neighborhood’s quiet, peaceful, and family-friendly environment. The sense of community is strong, and neighbors are known to look out for each other.

Bayside’s safety is often one of the top reasons why people choose to live here. The community consists mostly of families and professionals who value the neighborhood’s security and tranquility, as well as its proximity to Manhattan, without the typical hustle and bustle.

Educational Institutions in Bayside, NY

Education is an essential component of any community, and Bayside, NY, shines brightly in this regard. The neighborhood is well-served by both public and private schools, further contributing to its desirability as a safe and nurturing environment for families.

Public Schools

The public schools in Bayside are part of the New York City Department of Education, one of the largest public school systems in the United States. They consistently rank as some of the best within the city, which can be attributed to their highly-rated teaching staff, comprehensive curricula, and robust student support services.

Notably, Bayside High School is known for its excellent academic and extra-curricular programs. The school offers a range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which allows students to earn college credits while still in high school. They also have special programs in sports, music, arts, and several vocational subjects, fostering a well-rounded education.

P.S. 203 Oakland Gardens and P.S. 213 The Carl Ullman School are two standout elementary schools that receive high praise from parents for their quality of education, safety, and student-teacher interaction.

Private Schools

For families looking at private education, Bayside also has several esteemed private schools offering unique educational experiences. St. Robert Bellarmine School and Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament are two prominent Catholic schools in the area. Both provide rigorous academic programs coupled with values-based education.

Higher Education

In terms of higher education, Queensborough Community College (QCC), part of the City University of New York (CUNY) system, is located in Bayside. QCC offers a broad array of programs and degrees and is renowned for its supportive learning environment and strong community ties.

School Safety

School safety is a paramount concern for families, and schools in Bayside take this very seriously. All public schools in the area adhere to strict safety measures put forth by the NYC Department of Education, which include controlled building access, safety officers on-site, and emergency preparedness protocols. Many private schools have similar safety standards in place. Furthermore, the close cooperation between the schools and the 111th Precinct helps ensure a secure environment for students.


In summary, Bayside, NY, presents as a safe neighborhood. Its low crime rates, active police presence, and strong community initiatives, coupled with positive resident feedback, suggest that it’s a secure place to live, work, and visit. The cohesive community spirit seen in Bayside adds another layer of security that statistics cannot capture.

However, safety can vary from block to block, and it’s essential to stay aware of your surroundings, no matter how safe an area may seem. As with any location, the feeling of safety can depend on personal experiences, perceptions, and specific locations within the neighborhood. Prospective residents or visitors are advised to explore Bayside in person to better understand if it fits their personal comfort levels and expectations of safety.