Safety First: Is Hunter’s Point NYC Safe?

Are you looking for a safe, vibrant city to call home? Look no further than Hunter’s Point – the newest development in Queens. This community is packed with amenities, including top schools and low crime rates. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about living in Hunter’s Point, from the crime rates to the best public transportation. With so much information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about moving here.

What are the crime rates in Hunter’s Point?

When looking at overall crime rates in the neighborhood, Hunter’s Point falls somewhere in the middle of the pack. While it does have a lower crime rate than some other neighborhoods in New York City, it also has higher rates of theft and burglary. In fact, according to the NYPD, Hunter’s Point is one of the city’s “hotspots for criminal mischief”.

The good news is that the crime rate for violent crime is also relatively low, though it should be noted that this statistic does not take into account felony crimes such as rape and murder. Still, given that these are merely Property Crimes, it is likely that most people in Hunter’s Point will not experience them.

Overall, while there are some concerns that should be brought up when considering living in Hunter’s Point, the overall crime rate is actually quite low. As long as you keep your property secure and don’t engage in any violent or felony crimes, you should have little to no problem living in this neighborhood.

What are the best schools in Hunter’s Point?

There are many excellent schools in Hunter’s Point, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Some of the best schools in the neighborhood include the following:

  • The Chippenheimer School is a highly reputable private school that offers a strong academic program.
  • The Benjamin Franklin School is a highly acclaimed public school with a rich history.
  • The Evander Childs School is a small, private school that emphasizes academics and fosters creative learning.

All of these schools provide excellent educations, but they also have their own unique priorities and features. It is important to carefully consider which one would be best for your family.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in Hunter’s Point?

Living in Hunter’s Point can be a fast and affordable way to live in a desirable neighborhood. The crime rates in the community are relatively low, and the area’s schools are some of the best in the city. However, some potential drawbacks to living in Hunter’s Point include the high crime rates and lower education levels of the community. Additionally, living in Hunter’s Point may be difficult for those who appreciate nightlife or want to be near other major attractions.

There is no doubt that Hunter’s Point is a safe and vibrant neighborhood and one that is worth considering for those looking for a new home. While there are some disadvantages to living in the area, such as high crime rates, the advantages of having excellent schools and being close to some of the city’s most popular attractions are hard to beat.