New York Cafes: Do Not Feed Alligators In West Village

The Do Not Feed Alligators Cafe in New York, located in the West Village, distinguishes itself as a chic and cozy coffee shop reminiscent of something you might find in upstate New York. This unique spot boasts a spacious heated backyard, making it an inviting location for both locals and visitors alike. The cafe prides itself on serving single-origin coffees from small roasters such as La Cabra and Prodigal, alongside a selection of pastries also sourced from La Cabra. A simple yet perfectly executed menu item, bread and butter with eggs, is highlighted as one of the favorite coffee shop breakfasts in Manhattan by patrons. It’s important to note that the cafe enforces a no-laptops policy, fostering an atmosphere more conducive to relaxation and conversation than to remote work​​.

About Do Not Feed Alligators

The cafe has gained popularity not only for its coffee but also for its offerings as a wine bar, providing a curated selection of drinks and desserts. Customers have particularly enjoyed the dinner service, which features great small plates alongside a diverse selection of drinks and desserts. The coffee negroni and chocolate torte come highly recommended for a perfect pairing. The ambiance is described as comfortable and welcoming, making it a standout in the West Village for its vibe and attentive service to dietary restrictions​​.

The Do Not Feed Alligators Cafe in New York’s West Village not only serves as a charming spot for coffee enthusiasts and wine lovers but also operates as a unique bookstore. This cafe-bookstore hybrid stands out for its exceptional offering of lovely Spanish small plates for breakfast, best enjoyed with a cortado. The transition from a breakfast menu to a vibrant bar menu at night makes it an intriguing destination for visitors throughout the day​​.

For those seeking a tranquil spot in the city that offers high-quality coffee, exquisite small plates, select books, and a warm atmosphere, Do Not Feed Alligators Cafe is a must-visit. Its commitment to quality, atmosphere, and customer satisfaction sets it apart as a unique gem in New York’s vibrant cafe scene.

Where to Find

Do Not Feed Alligators

337 Bleecker St

New York, NY 10014