10 Things to Take With You When Going to NYC

It is essential to know what you should pack when going to NYC. This list will give you ideas and help with what to bring.

Fully-working camera

If you are taking pictures of the things you see and the people you meet, ensure you have a fully-functional camera with two memory card slots. It will be more convenient if your camera has panorama mode and HD video recording.

Comfortable pair of shoes

Going out and buying designer shoes before your trip can be tempting. It’s best to leave those purchases at your hotel until dinner or your nighttime activities. Plan on wearing comfortable walking shoes while visiting New York City.

Hat and sunscreen

New York City can get very hot in the summer, and you will want to be outside enjoying the sites even this time of year. You will not want to spend most of your time indoors, so a hat and plenty of sunscreen are essential. Printful.com/ca/custom-hats designs amazing custom hats that are great for blocking out the sun, and they can be printed with your name, brand, favorite quote, or anything else on the front.

Refillable water bottle

Refillable water bottles are a great way to stay hydrated while exploring. You should try to drink at least two liters of water a day while visiting New York City, and more if you exercise.

Sunglasses and case

You should wear sunglasses while traveling in New York City, especially during summer. Your skin isn’t the only thing harmed by harsh August sunshine!

Antibacterial wipes

You will get a lot of germs from walking around public places, especially crowded ones like Times Square or Grand Central Station. These places can become spread when people leave their hands on tables and countertops. To prevent this, you should keep antibacterial wipes on hand for quick cleanings wherever you go in New York City.

Power strip

You will want to charge your phone and other devices while visiting New York City. A power strip is a great way to make any hotel room more like home. It will also prevent you from unplugging your devices when they finish charging.

Camera tripod

Tripods are great for taking pictures but are even better when used with remote control. You can use your remote to take a picture of yourself with the iconic skyline in the background.

Credit card

When in New York City, be prepared to spend money. Yet, you don’t want to be a tourist carrying around a ton of cash. It is easier and safer to have your credit card with you. Most establishments accept this payment.

Sense of Adventure

New York City is the city that never sleeps! There’s no telling what you’ll get into if you keep your options open and truly get into the spirit of the area. Go ahead and make some memories you won’t soon forget.

There are plenty of other things that you can take with you when traveling to New York City, such as a sense of humor, patience, and a good attitude. Take the time to do it right and enjoy all the benefits of a getaway in this great city.