NYC Stereotypes That Are True: Cliches In Stereo!

new york stereotypes

Hey, I’m talkin’ here! So, listen up! There are soooo many stereotypes about New York City. Of course there are, it’s unarguably the most famous city in the world, says the New Yorker. Whether carried back home by tourists or around the world by the countless movies, TV series and popular songs about New York …

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How To Choose A Business Laptop

So you found yourself in need of a new laptop for work. You may be slightly overwhelmed by the vast array of options you have to consider; however, not every laptop on the market is made to serve the same purpose. In order to find the laptop that best suits your needs and budget, you …

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Top Hemp Flower Companies In The US

As a result of this recent surge in states and nations joining in on the tendency of legalizing marijuana, the CBD market is absolutely flourishing. And with each one the new research being done — cannabidiol has rapidly shown a great deal of promise. In fact, it is not an overstatement to say that CBD …

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Love In The Time Of A Pandemic: 5 COVID Bachelorette Ideas

bachelorette party nyc

COVID-19 has had an impact on everyone’s daily life, and special occasions are no exception. If your friend planned her wedding a long time ago, she probably didn’t foresee a pandemic derailing all of her plans. And if amidst all of this craziness the wedding hasn’t been postponed, why should you cancel your gang’s bachelorette …

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Best Bars In Brooklyn: A Bridge Not Too Far

Is Brooklyn the new Manhattan? No, that will never happen. It is definitely a very slightly cheaper place to go drinkin’. And slightly hipper. Brooklyn is probably the second most name-checked of the five boroughs. Originally known as the kings county, and composed of tiny little burgs, Brooklyn was further expanded and annexed primarily in …

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Best Libraries In NYC: Not Just For Books Anymore

Les Bibliotheque. Or in English, the Library. A place to broaden your mind. A place where you can travel the world without ever leaving the building.  For all kinds of interests, New York City is the center of the world. So the library culture of the city needs to reflect that. And it does.  The …

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The Best Things to do in SoHo

SoHo stands for south of Houston and is a world-famous purchasing paradise and artist district in Manhattan, NYC. Bordered by Houston Road, Lafayette Road, and the western a part of Broadway, you’ll discover a pretty, shiny a part of town that has grow to be world-renowned, partially because of the truth that it has been …

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Best NYC Flooring Contractors

flooring nyc

You want to change or refinish the flooring and carpeting in your New York apartment? Are you a new business owner and in need of a floor renovation for your commercial space? Are you just plain bored with your bathroom tiles? We’ve got you covered.  Below, we’ve gathered the top rated customer favourite flooring contractors …

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Best NYC Thrift Stores: Bargain Hunting In The Big Apple

best thrift shops in NYC

Want to come back home from your big holiday in New York City looking like a brand new you, without spending brand new clothes money? Or perhaps you live in New York City, therefore committing a large part of your budget to rent not fashion? What you need is a real NYC thrift store. You …

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