Best Dog Parks in Manhattan: 10 Best Off-Leash Dog Parks and Runs in NYC

Searching for the best dog parks in Manhattan? New York City is known to be a huge concrete jungle, so finding enough room for your lovely canine best friend to run freely might seem to be a challenge. The truth is though that when it comes to pet-friendly open spaces NYC has really outdone itself, with over 50 off-leash dog parks all over the city within walking distance, no matter where you live. So grab your pooch and let’s explore 10 of the best off-leash dog parks. Just remember to always play by the rules, pick up after your dog, and respect each other’s spaces.

Central Park

455 Central Park W, New York City, NY, US, 10025

This enormous preserve with 843 acres of land is a natural magnet for humans and their furry friends. No stroll with your dog should be complete in NYC without a trip to Central Park.  While the park is pet-friendly, and thousands of dogs visit it every day, there are several rules you should keep in mind.  Aside from certain areas that are accessible for off-leash fun, your dog needs to be on a leash on designated hours and spaces. Before 9 am and after 9 pm your dog can run around freely in the open areas with others and may enjoy the trails.

Madison Square Dog Park Run

23rd St & Madison Ave, New York City, NY, US, 10010

This park is a favorite among NYC dog-lovers, despite it being smaller than others. The double-gated area helps to ensure your dogs safety when anyone enters or leaves the park, while also making it easier to enter/exit, especially in busy days. There are plenty of trees and umbrellas to keep you cool, and benches to keep you rested.  Water is provided for all dogs and there is also a private gated area for smaller doggos to play in.

Sirius Dog Run

385 S End Ave, New York City, NY, US, 72758

Built as an homage and named after one of the brave Rescue Labs that gave his life as an ultimate sacrifice during the events of 9/11, this lovely park is located in Battery Park City’s Gateway Plaza area. It is a great dog run with new paving and plenty of trees to provide shade to dogs and their humans, among benches to rest upon. Also available in the park is a dog wading pool, that fills up and empties on a timer.

Hillside Dog Run

4 Vine St, Brooklyn, NY, US, 07306-0000

This fenced park is much-loved by locals and is among the larger off-leash parks in NYC, having a lot to offer to doggos and their parents. With over 2 acres of free space, dogs can run around freely while their owners can relax on benches available all around. There is running water supplied for dogs and owners, and also a separate area for smaller dogs and puppies to play in without getting trampled by bigger ones.

Tribeca Dog Run

Pier 26 & West St, New York City, NY, US, 10014

This dog park, located in Hudson River Park, is divided into two sections: one for big dogs and one for smaller ones. It has double-gated safety vestibule with fences all around, high-tech sprinklers to keep your friend cool and entertained, while there are plenty of benches under umbrellas for mommies and daddies to get some shade and relax. It is said to be by far the cleanest park available, because of the twice-a-day cleaning schedule.

Carl Schurz Dog Park

157 East End Ave, New York City, NY, US, 10028

Located in the Yorkville neighborhood, Carl Schurz is a14 acre public park. There are two off-leash dog runs (one for small dogs and one for bigger ones) in the center of the park accessible via the stone steps off of E. 87th St. and a beautiful spot on the East River promenade for you and your best friend to stroll along. Both runs feature watering areas with hoses, benches for you to rest upon and poop-bag dispensers.

Tompkins Square Dog Run NYC

500 E 9th St, New York City, NY, US, 10009

This was the first dog park in NYC that opened in 1990 and it still is the largest one in NYC with 18.500 square feet, fully fenced, land. There are plenty of amenities to enjoy for both you and your furry friend that include three swimming pools, bath areas and hoses, picnic tables, benches, cleaning equipment, and poop bags. The park also features separate fenced-in small and big dog areas for off-leash socializing.

Fort Tryon Dog Run (Sir Williams Dog Run)

6672 Margaret Corbin Dr, New York City, NY, US, 10033

This is without a doubt THE largest dog park in all of Manhattan and a great place to bring your pet while you can meet with other parents in the gazebo. There is plenty of open space with the natural terrain and gorgeous views of the Hudson, making it a perfect place to exercise along with your best friend in a beautiful setting. There is a large-dog run and a section for small dogs with a separate entrance. 

Chelsea Waterslide Dog Run

11th Ave & W 22nd St, New York City, NY, US, 10011

This dog run has a double-gated entrance and is completely fenced in, with natural and man-made rocks for dogs to climb and run amidst. Fresh running water is available for pets with hoses and washtubs, while in the paved surfaces owners can find benches to rest upon. It may be rather small, making it a better place for smaller dogs, but its climbing features make the run unique and very interactive.

Washington Square Dog Run

59 Washington Square S, New York City, NY, US, 10012

Located in the heart of NY’s Greenwich Village, this beautiful little park is surrounded by trees and benches making it a great place to bring your furry friend for some off-leash fun. There is a water feature and fountains, and also a well-draining dirt ground. The Robin Kovary Run for Small Dogs is nearby, so don’t worry about your little friend getting overwhelmed by bigger dogs. Lots of other activities happen in the park from time to time and there are always plenty of people if you are up for some socializing.