The Ultimate MV Realty Guide On How To Become A Real Estate Agent in NYC

Are you a real estate agent and want to be recognized in the real estate industry? Have you been complacent on your real estate job and now want to turn things around for the best? Are you wondering how to go about this? Worry not; you’re in the right place. This article will guide you appropriately as you take the journey of attaining a real estate position in NYC. Read on for this insight.

Develop The Right Communication Skills

To be a great real estate agent, you need to be a great communicator. Great communication skills are key to talking to your clients professionally and carrying yourself with confidence.

According to George Mouratidis, founder of a real estate blog writing service, negotiation skills should be the number one aspect you need to work on to help you close many deals. As a real estate agent, you need to listen more than you speak; this is the only way you’ll get to understand your clients’ needs and offer them what’ll meet their specific needs.

You must also be articulate in your communication to help clients understand you better, and you’ll seem confident in what you’re saying. You’ll meet many clients who have different personalities in the real estate industry. An approach that works for one client doesn’t mean it’ll work on the next one. Therefore, as part of communication, you need to be flexible enough to adopt the right approach to your client. Here, you can use the client’s body language and persona to guide you appropriately.

Work For The Right Company

There are many real estate brokerage firms in New York, varying in terms of years in the industry, experience, and success.

If you want to achieve a real estate position in New York, you need to work for and with the right company. Do your vetting before settling on any one of the companies. Identify the type of clients they handle, their core operations, reputation, and values. You need to work with a company that shares your vision. Where do you see yourself in the next few years? Does the company offer a platform that’ll enable growth, such as training and mentorship? Join MV Realty or any other preferred company of choice and take your career to the next level, where you’ll achieve a position in the New York real estate industry.

Get The Right Documentation

Having the right documentation is the first way of ensuring you get a real estate position in New York. It’s the only way you’ll practice and offer your services to the real estate market.

The first document that you need to get is a license. In real estate, after completing your degree, you’re required to undergo further training. After the training and passing the exam, the regulating body will give you a license. The license is the only sure way to practice professionally. 

Besides acquiring a practicing license, you need to get memberships into the various real estate professional groups. Through these groups, you’ll build a network and get recognized as a professional in the industry.  

Regarding documentation, you’re much better placed if you have all the documents needed in any vetting process in your profession. If there are certifications and accreditations, go ahead and acquire them to secure your position in the New York real estate market. The perk of all these certifications is that you need to undergo training, which increases your industry knowledge, enabling you to serve clients better.

It’s also essential to know the documentation needed specifically in the New York real estate industry and ensure you have them, even as you get other accreditations.

Build A Portfolio

To attain a real estate position in New York, you need to have a portfolio of your work as a real estate agent. Your portfolio should include your successes, reviews from previous clients, the services you offer, among others. A portfolio describes and represents you as a real estate agent, in and out of your presence. 

As part of building a portfolio, consider creating a website; it more or less officiates your services since clients would rather work with an agent who has a website than one who’s just operating in a small office in town. Also, with the rise in digitization, you need an online presence, where clients can get to know about you even before making that call. Your portfolio will further showcase your talent and skills in the profession, convincing clients to hire you for their housing needs.

Be Proactive

Being proactive in your profession will take you to higher heights as a real estate agent. Proactivity means staying ahead of everything regarding your industry. You must be aware of all the new trends, regulations, and other housing aspects. By staying ahead, you’ll always offer your clients the latest and the best there is in the market at the moment. You won’t be stuck on old tactics, whereas your competitors and other agents utilize modern methods.

Be proactive in your career. Take several courses and undergo training, at least once a year, to familiarize yourself with new aspects of the profession, including new technology in the industry. With this, you’ll always offer your clients the best there is.

Have Market Knowledgeability

As a real estate agent, the main way to sell houses and get clients is by understanding the real estate market. Besides knowing the real estate market in general, you need to familiarize yourself with the New York market.

Here are some aspects you need to familiarize yourself with:

  • The most preferred properties at the moment
  • The type of clients in New York
  • The current listings both in the commercial and residential market
  • The different neighborhoods
  • The most predominant type of houses
  • The problems affecting New York’s real estate market
  • The government’s standpoint on real estate
  • The history and statistics surrounding the real estate market in New York

With such in-depth knowledge of the market, you’ll better execute your job since you’ll be selling from the point of know-how rather than guessing and misleading your clients. Misleading clients builds mistrust, making you lose clients in the process.

Always Do Your Research

Being knowledgeable of the market doesn’t end with you knowing the basics. Once you have a client, always do your research before meeting them. This research should be tied to the specific home you’re going to showcase. Identify any issues surrounding the said property, including its history and previous owners. 

It’s also essential to pinpoint the property’s unique selling points and personality. With this prior knowledge, you’ll know the exact aspects to highlight that the client relates to, such as how the house meets the buyer’s specific needs. For instance, if the client has a toddler, you can speak of the available floor space for them to play around, or if there’s a lawn, point it out and talk of it being a play area. However, as you do this, find a balance to avoid doing too much and end up putting off the client.

Familiarize Yourself With The Regulations

Many laws regulate the real estate industry; hence, you need to know them by heart. Identify the dos and don’ts of the industry, the selling or buying procedure, the needed documentation, and the offices to visit regarding what issue in case something arises in the course of you offering your services. 

You should know the above aspects concerning the New York market. With this knowledge, you’ll ensure you operate legally and don’t mislead your clients.


This article has highlighted how you can position yourself in the real estate industry. As seen, you mainly only need to work on yourself and your skillset; once you do that, you’re on your way to getting a seat at the table. Therefore, consider implementing the guide this article gives, and you won’t go wrong in your career.