A New Yorker’s Guide To German Culture: What Is Oktoberfest?

oktoberfest new york

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, is the world’s greatest festival of Bavarian culture — Bavaria is a region in Germany’s southeast part known for beers, bratwursts, and the tradition of wearing bustiers. Every year, millions of people travel to Munich to attend this amazing two-week festival. The Oktoberfest is a well-organized festival, but if you’re one …

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Irro Charter — The Top Choice For Your European Transit Needs

When your company needs to transport employees on a European trip, efficiency is of the essence. Indeed, time constraints are of particular concern nowadays for those in the supply chain and logistics industries. Due to the recent slowdown in global supply chains, it has never been more critical to promptly get people where they need …

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Safety First: Is Lisbon Safe For Tourists?

According to a study by the European Safety Observatory, Lisbon is among the safest capitals in Europe, with very low rates of violent crimes like gang-related crimes or conflicts, and many tourists don’t come across a lot of problems when in the city. However, as it continues to grow and become a tourist destination, the …

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