How Real Estate Agents Can Easily Spot A Qualified Buyer

A successful sale is pivotal to your revenue. Although you can work with existing buyers, you also need new leads to find other qualified and willing buyers. 

For buyers struggling to find their dream home, working with an agent they trust can help turn over some of the manual labor associated with that search and increase the likelihood of finding the property they want.

You may create new leads to connect with qualified buyers. You may consider postcard mailings like those from Wise Pelican to show them why you’re worth doing business in a tight market. 

Networking With Groups And Social Media Communities

Social media is a great way to network with potential buyers. You can find groups on any platform, and if you’re unsure where to start, search for ‘real estate agent’ on any social media app, and you’ll have plenty of options on your hands.

Once you’ve found these communities and joined them, you can share your content and try to win buyers’ trust. Observe some members and see what they often write about, including their frustrations. You can send a message to these people and offer to help them. However, you must also be visible on the group chat, with a record of tangible contributions to discussions.

Picking A New Sport Where They Could Spot Clients

Next, pick a sport you’d like to learn and play, or even one you already know how to play. You’ve got to find a popular sport that many people are into lately. You also want one where it’s easy to spot possible clients.

You can walk up to someone playing tennis after an impressive shot. You can say, ‘Nice shot!’ or ‘That was a great game’ after a game is won by one side. Build a relationship from there and try to understand what piques their interests. You can also introduce yourself and give them your business card. This is one of the surefire ways to meet qualified buyers today.

Not Wasting Their Time With A Fickle Buyer

Fickle buyers can be challenging to deal with in real estate. They can be easily spotted when they don’t show up for their appointments, change what they want and how much they are willing to pay, or never come back after the first visit.

If you’re second-guessing someone’s inconsistency, ask them straight if they’re having doubts or if they find it hard to move forward with looking at homes at the moment. If the answer is yes (or no), you can decide if you still want to do business or otherwise.

Throwing Summer Parties, Networking Events, And Get-togethers

Summer is the best time to throw parties and get-togethers. These are excellent events for building relationships with other professionals, clients, and friends nearby.

Here, you’ll meet new people and have a chance to show off your current listings to potential buyers looking at properties in the area. It is also a great way to network with other agents who could potentially refer business your way when they cannot deal with their clients’ needs themselves.

Co-hosting A Webinar On Industry Events

Before hosting a webinar, you need to find someone who shares the same goals and values. This is one of the essential steps to make your event successful.

Once you find a partner, promote the event through social media and email blasts. Make sure that everyone knows about it. If they don’t, they may forget when it’s time to register for an open house or submit their application for pre-approval letters from lenders.

In the webinar, include tips on spotting the perfect house so attendees can have tangible lessons to take home with them.

Asking For Referrals From Previous Clients And Employees

Even if you don’t have a formal referral program, it’s vital to ask current clients about their friends or acquaintances who might be interested in buying or selling a home. If they can provide you with some contact information or schedule a meeting, this is already a bonus so you can find qualified buyers.

Similarly, your employees can help point out prospective clients, too. Training your team members on how best to market the company can help ensure that everyone knows what types of customers would be most beneficial for the business.

Working With Lenders Who Can Suggest Their Clients To You

Lenders know their clients better than anyone else. Their goal is to help their clients buy a house, which means they will be motivated to refer them your way if it suits the situation.

If you have good relationships with lenders and brokers, don’t hesitate to ask them for referrals from time to time.

Creating A Compelling And Distinctive Business Card

A few things make your business card stand out, and the first is a unique design. Just like when shopping for an apartment, you want to find one that stands out from the rest in a block. Thus, ensure it doesn’t look like every other card in the world by making it vibrant-looking and with hues that would easily attract attention.

Ensure you include your contact information, like phone number and email address. This should be easy enough to fit onto one side of a standard-sized business card. Additionally, consider using a larger size so potential clients can see your information right away.

You can also include some fun facts about yourself or even a special offer if this would keep the interest of potential buyers. Remember that business cards are an essential part of any real estate agent’s toolkit because it’s an opportunity to exchange contact information quickly.


Real estate agents are experts in their field, and most have been in the industry for several years. Hence, they possess tried-and-tested strategies that help them spot qualified buyers. If you’re a newbie agent, then this article is for you. For those who have yet to try some of these, it won’t hurt to do so. See if they’d make a difference in your sales strategy. After all, the ultimate goal is to make a sale using any way that works best for you.