Maik Wiedenbach Named Best Personal Trainer In 2021 By Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Summary: Maik Widenbach has been recognized as NY’s most favorite trainer in the 2021 Bethpage Best of the City list.

April 1, 2021, New York City, New York: Renowned certified NYC-based fitness coach, Olympian swimmer and author, Maik Wiedenbach has been voted the top fitness instructor in the city, in the annual Bethpage Best of the City list 2021.

During a year that caused so much devastation for small businesses, this win is a truly remarkable feat. The Bethpage Best of the City awards is bestowed every year to the most popular and high-quality businesses in the city in a wide variety of categories. Most importantly, these businesses are nominated and voted by New York’s citizens themselves, which is why the distinction is attached with a great deal of pride.

Maik Wiedenbach is an expert fitness trainer, with over two decades of experience in the field of sports and nutrition. He has authored several books, including the critically acclaimed 101 Fitness Training Myths. His training sessions in NYC include providing clients with personalized workout plans, nutrition counseling, special sports training, special female fitness training, and weight-loss tips. To help his clients remain fit amid the pandemic, Maik has been providing online training.

It is a great honor and validation of our hard work and dedication. Even during the pandemic, we continued to support the well-being of our clients, driven by our commitment to health and fitness. During these trying times, personalized workout and nutrition plans were very effective in helping people cope with everyday stress,” Maik commented.

He is highly active on social media, sharing his deep knowledge of weight-loss tactics, exercise regimens, and building sports performance from his gym. On YouTube alone, he has close to 24K subscribers.

These strategies are based on scientific theories, rather than unhealthy supplements, harmful drugs, fad diets, and wild gimmicks. He has been personally invested in all his clients’ journeys over the years, which is why they vouch for his dedication and expertise.

Maik enables fitness transformation through a wholly-personalized approach. This starts with a thorough screening of clients, evaluating their occupation, medical history, current fitness levels, and future goals. The team takes into account various factors like muscular imbalance and previous injuries, to craft a training program and a nutrition plan.

Being recognized as a top personal trainer in NYC is a matter of great pride for Maik and his crew. Like countless small businesses in New York, his gym too was impacted by the sudden onset of the pandemic last year. But, through sheer hard work, knowledge, and a carefully thought through strategy, Maik and his team have grown their business during a recession. As of April 2021, his business is stronger and bigger than what it was in the pre-pandemic times.

About Maik Wiedenbach: Maik is a two-time Olympian from Germany, with several titles and accomplishments to his name. He arrived in the US from Fordham University on a swimming scholarship. He holds degrees in History and German Literature.

Maik established Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training (formally called Adler Training and German Body Engineering) in NYC, after obtaining his NASM, BSA, and AFPA certifications. Located on the East, 57th Street, the gym is one of the most sought-after training and nutrition counseling services in East Hampton and Manhattan. His clients vouch for his tremendous knowledge and positive approach towards maintaining fitness levels. Maik also provides personal training, both online and on-site. Clients have increasingly sought one-on-one time with Maik during the COVID-19 pandemic.