Explore New York: Things to Do Near Penn Station In 2024

Searching for things to do near Penn Station? 34th and 8th avenue. Not quite Midtown, not yet Downtown. A lost oasis that is easy to get lost in. Penn Station was built in 1810 and is the busiest commuter station in the Western Hemisphere, serving 600,000 passengers every day. The neighborhood Penn Station anchors is …

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All By Myself: Things to Do Alone in NYC In 2024

Searching for things to do alone in NYC? Even if you are a natural-born socializer, New York will put your skills to the test. Home to more than 8.5 million people, the “Big Apple” is a collection of interesting personas to meet, cool things to do, and overrated restaurants to splurge in. In this volatile …

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Safety First: Is Clinton Hill Safe?

Is Clinton Hill Safe?

No, it isn’t the hill a former president lives atop. Nor the neighborhood where a certain former presidential candidate resides. It’s a neighborhood in New York City! Brooklyn, to be exact. Brooklyn is one of five boroughs that make up New York City. The others are Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx. Two of …

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What Makes A Good Real Estate Agent For Buyers

Buying a house is a significant milestone with a lot of confusion, especially for first-time buyers. You’ll need a lot of patience and persistence, which are essential in ensuring you get the best deal.  Since buying homes can be an arduous task on your own, you might need to stay on top by finding the …

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Safety First: Is Upper West Side Safe?

Is Upper West Side Safe?

Is Upper West Side safe? Traditionally, it doesn’t have the reputation for being the coolest neighborhood in Manhattan, NY, which is the best known of the five boroughs although not the most populous. That’s Brooklyn, baby! In the past two decades, the Upper West Side has become hipper and cooler and much more attractive. But …

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Perfect Strangers: How to Find Roommates in NYC In 2024

In the bustling heart of New York City, where finding the perfect bagel is easier than snagging a subway seat during rush hour, the quest for the ideal roommate can feel like auditioning candidates for a reality show. But fear not, dear reader! This guide is your golden ticket to bypassing the drama and diving …

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A New Yorker’s Guide To German Culture: What Is Oktoberfest?

oktoberfest new york

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, is the world’s greatest festival of Bavarian culture — Bavaria is a region in Germany’s southeast part known for beers, bratwursts, and the tradition of wearing bustiers. Every year, millions of people travel to Munich to attend this amazing two-week festival. The Oktoberfest is a well-organized festival, but if you’re one …

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How Real Estate Agents Can Easily Spot A Qualified Buyer

A successful sale is pivotal to your revenue. Although you can work with existing buyers, you also need new leads to find other qualified and willing buyers.  For buyers struggling to find their dream home, working with an agent they trust can help turn over some of the manual labor associated with that search and …

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