What To Do With Vacant Retail Space

Seeing empty storefronts is rather unattractive for an area. It can impact the property owner, local communities, and neighboring businesses trying to attract visitors. If you’re wondering what to do with vacant …

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Safety First: Is Staten Island Safe in 2023?

Staten Island. The fifth borough. Also known as “The forgotten borough”. Or, “The ferry borough”. Staten Island is like New York’s red-headed stepchild.  Staten Island is one of two islands that make …

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Safety First: Is Sunset Park Safe?

is sunset park safe

Nestled by the waterfront in the southwestern part of Brooklyn, Sunset Park is an up-and-coming neighborhood. If you plan to move or visit here, you’re probably wondering, is Sunset Park safe? Read …

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Safety First: Is Flushing NY Safe?

Is Flushing NY safe? You might have heard the old joke about Flushing Queens down the toilet. Well, Flushing, Queens is nowhere near going down the toilet. On the by and by, …

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Safety First: Is Harlem Safe In 2023?

If you’re vising or moving to Harlem, you’ll want to know how safe it is and what to expect in the area. A community-oriented neighborhood rich in culture and history, there are …

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Safety First: Is Greenwich Village Safe?

is greenwich village safe

Are you planning a visit or move to Greenwich Village, Manhattan? You probably have many questions about what to expect, including how safe it is. Find these answers and more.  Brief History …

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