Safety First: Safest Neighborhoods In Brooklyn For 2024

safest neighborhoods in brooklyn

Brooklyn. Home of Hip-Hop. Former home of the Brooklyn Dodgers. AKA Brook Land or the boogie down borough. Legendary by any name. In fact, it’s named after a Dutch village named Bruekland.  Maybe you’ve watched the TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Or seen the movie Motherless Brooklyn. Or know someone named Brooklyn. It’s a somewhat common …

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How To Meet People In NYC

New York City is a diverse metropolitan with plenty to do and numerous people to meet. But, how do you actually go about meeting these people? If you are interested in building your social circle, seeking a date, or looking to meet people to do activities with, then look no further. Here are 15 ideas …

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Safety First: Is Sunset Park Safe?

is sunset park safe

Nestled by the waterfront in the southwestern part of Brooklyn, Sunset Park is an up-and-coming neighborhood. If you plan to move or visit here, you’re probably wondering, is Sunset Park safe? Read on to learn more about the area before you plan your trip. Sunset Park’s History Before the first European settlements arrived in Sunset …

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Getting Published in NYC: What is a Hybrid Book Publisher?

If you are looking to publish a book, no longer do you have to go the traditional or self-publishing route only. Instead, you can choose a hybrid book publisher that gives you the structure and support of a team of professionals while letting you maintain control and a bigger share of your royalties.  Before deciding …

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Discovering New York: Things To Do In Harlem

Harlem is one of the oldest neighborhoods in New York. In fact, one of the first to be settled, long before America itself was even a thing. Originally a Dutch Village, Harlem is actually named after a city in Holland called Haarlem. Much like Manhattan itself used to be called New Amsterdam. First Fun Fact! …

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NYC Stereotypes That Are True: Cliches In Stereo!

new york stereotypes

Hey, I’m talkin’ here! So, listen up! There are soooo many stereotypes about New York City. Of course there are, it’s unarguably the most famous city in the world, says the New Yorker. Whether carried back home by tourists or around the world by the countless movies, TV series and popular songs about New York …

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