Safety First: Is Melrose Park, Illinois Safe? 

Not To Be Confused With Melrose Place Lots of people want to move to Melrose Place. Melrose Park, not so many. Why you might wonder. Is Melrose Park safe or not? You might be reading this article because you thought it is about the more famous apartment complex you’ve seen on television, if in fact …

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Safety First: Is Sunset Park Safe?

is sunset park safe

Nestled by the waterfront in the southwestern part of Brooklyn, Sunset Park is an up-and-coming neighborhood. If you plan to move or visit here, you’re probably wondering, is Sunset Park safe? Read on to learn more about the area before you plan your trip. Sunset Park’s History Before the first European settlements arrived in Sunset …

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Safety First: Is Flushing NY Safe?

Is Flushing NY safe? You might have heard the old joke about Flushing Queens down the toilet. Well, Flushing, Queens is nowhere near going down the toilet. On the by and by, most residents say yes, it is one of the safer neighborhoods in New York City. In this article you will learn more about …

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Safest Neighborhoods in NYC: Let’s Hear It For New York!

To quote a famous song, of which there are aplenty celebrating the city that never sleeps,  New York City. From Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York’ to ‘Coney Island Baby’ to the just quoted “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys and Brooklyn ambassador Jay-Z, everybody likes to sing the praises of the Big Apple.   There …

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Safety First: Is Harlem Safe In 2024?

If you’re vising or moving to Harlem, you’ll want to know how safe it is and what to expect in the area. A community-oriented neighborhood rich in culture and history, there are plenty of reasons to live in Harlem. Here is more information on this New York City neighborhood to better understand its safety (and …

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Safety First: Is Greenwich Village Safe?

is greenwich village safe

Are you planning a visit or move to Greenwich Village, Manhattan? You probably have many questions about what to expect, including how safe it is. Find these answers and more.  Brief History of Greenwich Village Greenwich Village is a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan surrounded by other interesting New York areas and sights, including: Broadway on …

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Safety First: Is Bed-Stuy Safe In 2024?

is bed stuy safe

Bedford-Stuyvesant, more commonly known as Bed-Stuy, has undergone a fundamental transformation that has reshaped its image and safety perceptions. Once a neighborhood that might have been approached with caution, Bed-Stuy now presents itself with a newfound vibrancy and safety that rivals many similarly sized neighborhoods in New York City​. This Brooklyn locale, steeped in rich …

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Safety First: Is Bushwick Safe In 2024?

is bushwick safe

Is Bushwick Safe? Are you considering a move to Bushwick? It’s important to understand what it’s like to live there first. Here are answers to your questions on safety, education, attractions, and more. A History of Bushwick Bushwick is located in King’s County, Brooklyn, in the northernmost neighborhoods. It borders the borough of Queens and …

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Safety First: Is Astoria Safe?

is astoria safe?

Are you considering a move to Astoria, NY, and wondering how it is there? Find out if it’s safe and what to expect below. The Founding of Astoria Astoria was incorporated on April 12th, 1839, and originally named Hallet’s Cove, after the first 1652 settler William Hallett. It was later renamed after the wealthy John …

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Safety First: Is Washington Heights Safe In 2024?

Washington Heights: Is it safe? What can you do there? Should I move there? Here are answers to your questions and more about this neighborhood. Washington Heights, nestled in the northern expanse of Manhattan, is a neighborhood steeped in history and cultural vibrancy. Often dubbed the “Little Dominican Republic” due to its significant Dominican population, …

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